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A salaryman Matsumaru Fumihiko 26, asked his colleague miss Tanaka to watch a movie with him, but she doesn't show up at the movie theater. As he is about to throw away the ticket, a rookie seiyuu girl named Onda Aka aged 20 asked for the ticket and they end up watching the movie together. On their way home they notice that they live near each other. That night, Aka's apartment burns down. Matsumaru offers his help and they end up with Aka living with him.
They have to keep it a secret to secure their jobs. What will happen to the relationship that is "more than friends but less than lovers"...

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    Please pick it up
    Has this manga been permanently dropped?
    What happened to this manga? The jap version is already completed with 127 chaps, so maybe its because there are no teams that want to work on this ? Why though
    How sad! No updates. This is a good series, too... 😪
    I have the whole manga collection in Japanese, got all 16 volumes for 30 bucks per airmail. Totally worth it.
    still no update
    No updates? :(
    Nice, what a cute story.
    Wow update. Gotta reread this now. Thx

    I’m fully aware, like I said before, I’m in contact with the translator, and he actually gave me permission to “harass” him for new chapters, which I’ve tried to do on a regular basis. But we all know how real life prevents stuff.

    I do have a new script from him in the last couple weeks, and should be expecting another from him this week. I ain’t making promises here but hopefully you’ll see a couple chapters drop f9r our anniversary event in July.

    Just as long as that’s NOT all we do for the year right...?

    The thing is ONLY 16 volumes long...

    That said the group is also working with a couple “newer” translators who seem decent so our output would increase... if we don’t burn them, the redrawer, and the proofreader out in the meantime.... lol.

    Oh and thanks for the props! ;)
    Last edited 2 years ago by MangaDex.
    I can see both points of view. I have high respect for scanlators, and I think it's a shame how often they're taken for granted and pestered about speed (when their work is a gift in the first place (>_<), and the fact it's taking longer than expected might mean they're struggling to make time to give that gift). Also, in full disclosure, I'm happy whenever I see Let It Go's credits on a series.

    But I've also seen a different group that had no committed team to work on a manga, and hadn't for months (apparently they expected people to figure it out via telepathy and join). They finally officially "dropped" it. Luckily (I didn't expect it to happen after so long), other groups then picked it up -- but that's definitely not guaranteed.
    And I've also been in the position of being depended on for volunteer work, and the longer I put it off the more strongly I subconsciously avoided it... until finally I had to admit I needed help, or it would have never gotten done.

    I don't know if you're consciously aware of how long it's been, GodricKharg (my apologies if you already were)... it's been four months since the last release, and it's taken almost three years to release four chapters. "Dropped" might be inaccurate, but I think it's fair to say that it's "stalled".
    SilverBarnOwl, you really shouldnt upload other group's work as your group and it IS being worked on, just very slowly. The TL is in contact with me however barraged with rl.

    Acolytus, we still have it on our list here at LetItGo.
    I hope someone picks it up, I really like this manga and wish to see more of it.
    Series is complete with 127 Chapters, but is currently not being actively worked on by any groups.
    I found this cute oneshot somewhere, but it wasn't in the batoto database, so I thought I'd add it here. I don't know who scanlated it, as there are no credits, so if you know the group, let me know as I'd love to give them credit and thank them for scanlating it.