Tsuyokute New Saga
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  • Die & Retry: Tsuyokute New Saga
  • New Saga +
  • Seja forte! Nova Saga
  • Стать сильнее! Новая сага
  • 強くてニューサーガ
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The Demon King led his army of demons to wipe out the human race. The Hero, Kail, and his allies attacked the Demon King's castle to defeat the Demon King. The Demon King is slain, but at what cost? Kail lost all of his allies throughout the war. Friends, family, lovers, comrades. All dead, and he is dying.
As Kail's life ebbs away in the Demon King's chamber, he notices a strange gem that the Demon King had coveted and approaches this relic to grab it; after an intense light glows, he is sent years into the past. After recovering from the initial shock, now in his younger body, he decides to avoid making the same mistakes of his first time through these years and to become stronger.

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  • In Japanese, the term for New Game Plus is "Tsuyokute New Game".
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    The fact that Urza's relationship woth the MC has been put on a backburner in order to drag out the harem is what made me drop this. It's a complete turn around of their much more interesting dynamic at the start of the manga. I'd rather just reread dungeon meshi.
    Is the author trying get the audience to view both gods in a positive light. Like Cairis as being wise (with statements like "This is the Aura of a God" or "making a sound argument") for her non-intervention even though she the world is clearly set up where her existence is a given and she should be worshiped. or Like Melra being loving even when her meddling and favouritism brings out the worst in her fanatical worshipers and encourages them to be more fanatical.
    The last two chapters feel really short for some reason, or is it just me?
    @Final @Vuubik i think the writer died, or maybe im mistaking it for another manga. I remeber somebody mentioning it on a comment. But not sure if this one or another
    I like how the author and mc handled the gods. Non- interferce is one of the best blessings.
    I hope he ends up with the elf
    "Careful you don't turn into a demon"
    Fucking called it- alternate future asshole self that just went full grimdark- oh my genius does it again. Also- deities using vessels? Why is it all the Isekai I've come back to have concepts like these bleeding into one another recently? I know Lodoss and D&D use them, but holy hell add some bullshit on top to make it at least SEEM original.
    Demon Lord as of current probably has a Inheritance power thing going on- all the predecessors
    yeah- that's some bullshit, coming back to this after a few years and I can FEEL the rushedness of it all. Probably ran out of ideas to keep the world interesting or someshit and now it'll end wither without conclusion or with a condensed bullet point criteria met ending- the fight with the Bruiser demon was pretty much a dead ringer for that- the fuck kinda fight was that? dude lacked everything in terms of intrigue.
    The concept was good but the realization is poor
    @Alafff I thought I remembered different title, thanks
    I just caught up and I gotta ask, does anyone else think the whole "everyone already knew" thing is a cop out the author decided to take because he just didnt want to continue with the secrecy anymore, for whatever reason? Or do you all think it was always planned? idk it just feels out of nowhere and it's kinda weird how nobody brought any of it up until now. Like, wouldn't they ask him about any of the characters they met to get info prior to dealing with any of them?

    Chapteur 54 , The Mind controlled dragon , by the Melra Follower
    Its really weird how this author can get away with drawing the amount of pages for a weekly manga, even though this is a monthly series. How does he do it?
    He chose that pathetic girl over his wife...that's some bullshit.
    I have too say, this could've been a lot better if it wasn't:

    1. A harem. Sometimes a harem can add to a story, especially if its a part of the culture of the country/place inside the story. However, I can't really see any contributions to this. It would've been interesting to see how he regained his relationship with his lover from his previous life.

    2. Lacking a struggle situation. Sure every now and then they may struggle against someone, but nothing that REALLY sets them back. They'll overcome it relatively soon.

    However, its not too bad.
    The characters are so empty. Kinda bad development of story and actually except the reborning concept everything is bad.
    I like the story but the reuse of panels is super jarring at times.
    Progress is painfully slow on this one.
    Thats actually shitty development. Putting god inside. Now Kail won't be using his own powers, and also now everybody will know that it will turn to fight vs evil God in the end.
    what? a non isekai fantasy manga where the gods aren't just inherently evil? what a concept
    i really hope he gets to kill melra and her followers.