Apart Mate
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  • 100 x 200
  • Apartmate
  • Apartmeito
  • Nagame no Ii Heya
  • アパルトめいと
  • 7.24
  • 7.05
  • 427
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  • 169,146
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A domestic comedy about couples in apartments.
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  • Volume 0/2
  • Chapter 0/28

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It was good.
Thanks a lot for the translations.
Final arc wasn't the best, but overall a decent read. Thanks.
Thank you for scanlating it!
Massively grateful for haibane for translating this until the end. Props to him all the way. Hope you get all the blessings you deserve and stay safe out there
Thank you for scanlating this manga! I really enjoy it 💞
Ending wasn’t great, but I mostly enjoyed my time with Apart Mate. Thank you haibane for translating!
To anyone new reading this just skip the any of the Apartmate conversations chapters. The premise might start out interesting but it just takes a nosedive into bullshit drama land with an unsatisfying ending. As someone who read it just trust me on this one its not worth the frustration.
Let's all say thanks to @haibane for the translation. Even though the last 4 characters were abomination, it was quite good to see a seinen romance being translated. I hope we get more seinen stories without any bs drama!
After watching the 2nd couple, I believe that cheating is common in Japan 🤔
It was going so well till the author added that bs drama.
@Tit0Lounge Yes she is not cheating on the guy, But what she did is bad for her own. We know when she choose her cheating ex, it is a bad call. a character fallen and do bad thing, even just bad for themselves. It is normal that you feel hate it.
And yes, she did cheat, on her cheating ex. She now together with him and fuck other dude while not settle thing clear with each other. That is cheat
What kind of pathetic man are you? Don't you have an ounce of shame?!!!!
Different culture make different point of view. Something like this, maybe just daily usual in Japan. I don't know, but don't take it too seriously.

Just enjoy other story, and you gonna forget about this one.
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa y tho. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Sure, the office lady is a piece of shit for "cheating", but to be fair to her, they weren't even technically in a relationship yet.
Everyone on this site is way too trigger happy with the dropped tag whenever they see something they might not like.
Yall need to wait til this story ends before you pass judgment.
I love 1st (Baka) couple, the 2nd couple have a potential but the author ruined it ughh 🙄

Thanks for translating this 😁
Man, this motherfucker should have some self-respect. Jeezus
I think we need a cheating tag on mangadex.
Objectively, this series is actually two series. One is a cute story, more comedic than dramatic, and one is a serious dramatic story. Both depicts a couple living together (kinda). One is, well, a real couple, and the other is a kinda sex-friend couple.

Now, let's go to the subjectives. The first story is okay. It's sweet, it's realistic, it's just romantic. But, then again, it's "safe". It's not bad, but it's playing safe. That's a 7/10 for me.

Now for the second story. The premise of the second story is not actually realistic; It is improbable irl. But that's not a problem: plenty of story have unrealistic, improbable premise and still delivers a good story. Now what about this? Is this a good story? Okay, hear me out (if you want to).

In the second story, both pov characters are flawed, they have problems individually. Now, if a character is flawed, the usual (or the logical) thing to do for the author is to develop it; turns them into a better (or worse, it depends) person. Now, to develop a character is not an easy task to do. It needs careful understanding of the character itself to pull it off. And don't forget about the timing here, it needs perfect timing to develop a character so the audience won't lose interest to your story.

Now for the most part, the author succeeds. We see glimmer of change in the character. They become more considerate, more confident, etc. So, does the author succeed?

Agh, almost. But almost means nothing. The latest chapter proves that all these character development before, turns out to be in an absolute minimal. The character is still flawed and barely change. The timing of this chapter is just before the conclusion, too. So any more development is just not possible.

Sigh. 6/10. (Props for making an original story tho).

Now, it averages out to 6.5/10 for the whole series. Not great, not terrible.

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