Eromanga-sensei Japanese
Alt name(s):
  • Eromanga Sensei
  • Tác giả đào hoa
  • Эроманга-сэнсей
  • إرومانغا سينسي
  • น้องสาวของผมคืออาจารย์เอโรมังกะ
  • エロマンガ先生
  • 情色漫画老师
  • 情色漫畫老師
  • 我的妹妹是黄漫老师
  • 에로망가선생
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Writing light novels isn't all that easy, especially when you're in high school&and you have to do the cooking and the chores for your shut-in stepsister who's hardly come out of her room the past year! In the light novel business, it's crucial to have the right person illustrating your books to help them sell--and maybe get made into manga and anime! But in a world of online pen names, the author and the illustrator may still not even know each other . . . until one day they realize they've been living in the same house all along! Now the home life of confident writer Masamune Izumi and his reclusive sister Sagiri--aka the artist ''Eromanga Sensei''--will be a drama to compare with their rising careers, their restive fan base, and their rivals in the industry!

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