Yugami-kun ni wa Tomodachi ga Inai
Alt name(s):
  • Ο Yugami δεν έχει φίλους
  • Friendless Yugami: He Does Not Have Any Friends
  • He Does Not Have Any Friends
  • Walang Kaibigan si Yugami
  • Yugami Doesn't Have Any Friends
  • Yugami-kan não tem nenhum amigo
  • Yugami-kun n'a aucun ami
  • Yugami-kun não tem amigos
  • Yugami-kun ni ha Tomodachi ga Inai
  • Yugami-kun ni wa Tomodachi ga Inai
  • Yugami-kun tidak punya teman
  • Yugami'nin hiç arkadaşı yok.
  • ليس ليوغامي-كن أي صديق
  • 汤神君没有朋友
  • 湯神くんには友達がいない
  • 유가미 군에게는 친구가 없다
  • 9.32
  • 9.36
  • 2,032
Pub. status:
  • 524,920
  • 13,056
  • 183
The story of the comedy manga revolves around Yugami Yuuji and Watanuki Chihiro, who sit next to each other in class. Unfortunately for the transfer student Chihiro, Yuuji is weird... extremely weird. Even though he's the ace of the baseball club, he hasn't adapted to the club at all. He also stands apart from the rest of the class, but seems completely satisfied with being alone.
Reading progress:
  • Volume 0/16
  • Chapter 0/81.5

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just want to say... "THIS IS AMAZING !"
If you read when it had romance tag on mangarock/dex we got baited hardddddddddd
@Bazarow It was subtle romance.

About whether the author can or cannot do proper romance, you might be right about that. We will only know in the future works of the author.

Still, even this subtle romance is better and deeper than the average normal romance in the average manga, even though this manga is not a romance manga per se.
@Bazarow It's not a romance manga, everything was about subtlety, and it was done exceptionally well.
There are more hints than you can find at first.
manga is great, but kinda got the feeling tha author just cant properly do romance
it was only think lacking, there were some moments of it, but very surface
it would kill manga, if it ended more obvious?
main character just pisses of in the end with his usual shet
more than if he was just indecisve
leaving nice (poor) Chihiro on hold

just some "ten years later" and them married with kids would do the trick
Best highschool SoL ever.
I tried reading this for a while, but I gave up in the middle because I couldn’t stand Yugami.

But from certain comments, it seems like I may have given it up too soon.
@kuronotsuki I actually wondered as well. According to a friend who read it in Japanese, the last page should read,

"Because we're friends?"
"Friends... is not the word I'd use."

With an author note on the bottom-right that says, "What did Yugami mean when he said 'friends is not the word I'd use'?" with a mention that "The time these two share will continue forever─"

Sooooo coupled with the full moon ("the full moon is beautiful" = "I love you"), and the author's blatant notes, it's pretty strongly, "Yugami's intention is dating & marriage."
Can't believe Jojo and OPM tards actually raided this series' ratings just because it made them seethe so much what a pathetic bunch.
The rating was even higher at 9.40, when I saw the raid starting I took a screenshot because I knew this was going to happen, pathetic fucks.
Man, this is the best work from japanese I have seen so far.
It even feels like Kimi No Na Wa is a little behind
I must admit, I extracted few points for it being havily overloaded with baseball. It's painful when they speak a lot about something you don't know and don't want to know. Still, 10/10
I've laughed at this the most, I've rooted for the main character to never change the most. And he never betrayed me, until the chapter 80 and through. I think, it's only those with this kind of autism who can pull it through. And it's a good thing.
And then, there was chapter 81. And there I was shocked, amazed, and now I'm somehow overflown with happiness. I guess, I'll feel like that for some time.
And to those, who didn't get it, quoting a certain someone: blow up, normies!

Just binged the series, what a guy
Just starting this and the translation is... ?
Genuinely the best high school slice of life manga I’ve read so far.
The very fact that Yugami lied to Chihiro [OH Coincidence!!](when he gave the ticket to her for the first time, (Ch 81.5 bonus)) is enough of an indication regarding his feelings.
He is someone who would get straight to the point and yet he lied. Combine it with all the other events and it is quite obvious what is happening tbh!!
nice ride, I enjoy this series so far
very unique MC
@Darklight99 my trolling is too obvious yet you fell for it? your contradicting your words you dumb fuck.

fucking logic you got there calling people trolling cuz you dont like what they say ?

anyway back to the topic, give me some manga like JK Haru
@jet45s Holy fuck the projection, but the comment above yours was right, your attempt at trolling was too obvious, better luck next time.
@Darklight99 sorry about that. I dont have that much free time to read manga all the time like this Yugami-kun that has so many words blah blah blah per pages and JK Haru is the first manga i read about an isekai'd prostitute.. you said its not original so can you give me more manga like this one ?

but i see your butthurt on my comment cuz you're a virgin, you dont like slut MC and you rated JK Haru 1 star.. I hit you pretty hard huh? oh so thats why you have so much free time to read Yugami-kun cuz you're a fucking NEET.

liking and defending timid girl / weak ass looking MC, typical virgin way of thinking.
@Darklight99 Know the quote "Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity"? On the internet it's sort of the other way around. Never attribute to stupidity that which is adequately explained by trolling. He is definitely baiting.