Red Blood Red Legacy
Alt name(s):
  • Aka Aka Toshita Chi no Monogatari
  • Aka Akatoretachi no Monogatari
  • Aka Akatoshitachi no Monogatari
  • Akaaka to Shita Chi no Monogatari
  • Akaaka Toshita Chi no Monogatari
  • あかあかとしたちのものがたり
  • 赤赫血物語
  • 6.53
  • 6.20
  • 241
Pub. status:
  • 130,310
  • 4,363
  • 251
Itsuki and Hayato, two brothers who grew up in a village nestled deep in the mountains, set out to hunt down a wolf that has been attacking the livestock of the village.
Itsuki is about to go in for the kill when a gigantic beast appears out of nowhere, snatching up the wolf in its jaws and sucking the life out of it.
The beast that stared Itsuki down was a gargantuan, blood-sucking vampire deer...
Will the two brothers be able to return to the village alive ?!
Find out in this blood-filled action-packed story by extraordinary mangaka Kaishaku !
Reading progress:
  • Volume 0/6
  • Chapter 0/103

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I'm gonna regret reading this aren't I
lol terrible series
I hate it. Anyone interested in getting a fullish review message me, im to tired to write a full review rn.

This was a roller coaster and a half. I nearly dropped it at times. Especially near the end when Taiga came back in and dropped a few bombs.
If you are thinking about reading this one, don't. It's similar to the ESPer manga Zero in quite disturbing ways and the plot takes a few twists just for the sake of them.
Or so it feels. Some things were foreshadowed, but the explanations were always put off until the final chapters. As short as each are.
that was bad
The description for this is so fucking misleading and super off-the-mark. That's the plot for practically one of the chapters, then the other 102 are about rescuing a betrothed from the vampires that abducted her.
I guess you can't delete comments....
Christ, this manga was bad. characters change motivations, details about characters change, character plot threads are dropped and then abruptly end, the chapters are too short for you to get an appreciation for anything that happens in them,

A plot is only as good as the characters that make it up and the characters were fucking awful!
I don't understand the hate for this one. I think it's a well-crafted story that moves at a rapid pace and comes to a pretty solid conclusion. Way better than so many popular manga that drag on and on for over a decade and then just weakly whimper to an ending. I enjoyed it.
OH FUCK, I remember this garbage. God damn it finally ended. God bless.
i have read this 2 years ago and remembered how shitty it was xD
That forced friendship and made me puke blood.
Man you guys made it sound like it was truly awful. It could definitely have been way worse, at least it has an end, seeing as so many just get axed. The plot did feel really truncated though. Like the author had a bullet point list of plot points to work off and only drew those.

I'd say overall I like it enough to say ignore the comments and give it a try yourselves.
That ending was so f*cking milquetoast, and the author's thought-process is basically this: "An Eternal life of vampiric pleasure < A short life of labor under the sun"

It's retarded asf.
what the fuck did i just read
"How many redundant words and colors can we use in a title!?"

At least better than Isekai-Long-Paragraph-Describing-The-Entire-Plot-Of-The-Book titles.
When I was reading it and reach the end, I was just like "Oh it ended". The plot is so anti climatical, there is nothing special in the story. I did rate it 6 because the art is good, and the start was nice, and I really like Shirley.
It’s not terrible but you felt like the author didn’t kno wat he was doing about halfway
Okay I couldn't stop laughing after the transformer
HAHA essentially a story all about NTR ?