Alt name(s):
  • His Cheekiness is in Full Bloom
  • Namaiki Zakari.
  • なまいきざかり。
  • 盛气凌人
  • 8.13
  • 8.19
  • 183
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  • 103,633
  • 3,279
  • 110
Upon first sight Machida Yuki knows that she doesn’t want anything to do with Naruse Shou, but how can she keep her cool when he is a part of the basketball club she manages?
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I think the manga is still great, I enjoying every chapter and yuki is still a god tier waifu.
At the beginning Yuki is interesting as a main character but as the story developes she started to annoy me a lot and now I can't stand her.
@Lulu13yuri I kinda hate the love triangle thing too (it’s been done too many times in this manga), but their relationship getting more sexual shows growth imo (different ways for the different characters ofc).
Now I go back to this place after the storm a few months ago I - unconsciously, strangely - made certain parties offended even though I did not feel giving speeches of hatred.
I previously wanted to tell all of you that, if you think criticizing it is not permissible and you can only rely on ‘better not read if you really don't like it ', that is wrong. Nothing can survive without improvement. Praise, in this case 'spoiled', is not enough. I want the reader to be open-minded about this matter. There is no way you nag your boss who keeps sending lots of protests and you talk him in the back as if he has no right to make his employees work properly. Lol. The logic is the same as that.

I decided to read again from the beginning to make the final decision. This review will be the last because it looks like in the future there will be no major changes. The pattern is clear. The big chance the story will be drawn until they get married.

I want to mention the record made by this manga. I think ... the author deserves that recognition. This manga provides a very good balance in discussing about how relationships are formed. There are many considerations. And the key driving force is the heroine itself. This manga premise is full of idealism. It does not let go of teenagers' lifestyles and romance. It was unexpectedly able to be pulled well. In the end, the theme is how the two opposing people meet.

Yuki, at least, in my opinion can get out of a cheap heroine. Even though her inconsistency is increasingly apparent from many repetitions, I think she has moved a lot to make her relationship with her bastard junior work. Naruse, he is not personally my taste but he is really something. He is so annoying.
They're a good duo but I don't see them as a couple goal that many people say. I mean, I've never bothered that kind of trend so I ignore it.
I'm more interested in Hakamada, which is a little less than many third parties that I can accept. I'm glad he still gets the center of attention and place to grow especially his ambition in playing basketball - even more so than Naruse who must be pampered continuously. I did not get his character as a really annoying barrier. As long as he is aware of what he does even though it is clearly impossible, hey, I think he deserves support from that part!

I agree with the 'repetition' part and not much can be told. But the arc now coming from Yuki's side who would aggressively pursue Naruse. And for the love triangle, I don't see that as a running conflict? Uh, how to explain it, it will never end up being a unanimous decision. The answer from the confession will hang in the air; vague, not clear. Hakamada realized it, for a long time. He just pushed his luck after realizing the ego that held him back in the past.

Final judgement : 8/10.
I loved this manga but after the love triangle It started to repeat not to mention the fact that it got more sexual I’m getting annoyed and agree that the author is milking it just end it already
It’s a great manga with an interesting lead for the first few chapters, but after 100 chapters it really becomes repetitive. It’s gotten to the point where you can see the author is milking the popularity as they can’t seem to come up with any new plot lines.
What the hell happened to all the chapters?
this manga was ruined by the love triangle.
Can hakamada just go the fuck away? Dude doesnt know his boundaries
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@goronyanpai the manga is amazing! Best manga ever! .. and Naruse and Yuki are the best couple ever. It's/they're special, different, sweet, cute, ..etc, etc. But you're just a bitch who thinks so full of herself to judge others like that. While you looked so immature and a big hateful brat from you comment. Please get a life first , and get a personality.. or a better one, then come here with a proper comment. Not a hateful bratty comment, that just showed how low you are. ..agh, seriously! Leave already!
What are the chances we'll see Himeno and hyper guy again? I'm skimming through this in hopes of seeing their romance develop ;_; but I feel like it'll be an extra story in one of the future published volumes. Oh well, I'll keep my hopes up. Skimming doesn't take that long
Well just received some spoiler of next chapter don’t know if it’s true but here it is well if this is true, author can go fuck herself.
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This started nice and fresh, but with almost a 100 chapters there has been very little development. Which is a pity because I used to love namaikizakari and had such high expectations, however, the characters and storylines have become very repetitive and stereotypical. The potential of the premise has been kind of ruined. Still this manga can be enjoyable and I do recommend reading, but that's just how it is.
Slowpoke romance manga. *residentsleeper
*eat popcorn*
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That other guy who is Naruse's rival is fucking annoying.

And some of the comments are annoyed with Yuki, but I don't see a problem with her. She's just a super insecure person who also happens to be tsundere.
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everytime I came back to read this manga I always feel that it's potential is just wasted more and more. the same shitty love 'triangle' or 'rivals' plot are getting out of hand. yuki isn't a bad person but its amazing how the mangaka could make her so annoying/unlikeable
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Mangaka really needs to stop making her such an incredibly crappy girlfriend.