Liar Game
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  • Yalan Oyunu
  • بازی دروغگو
  • لعبة الكذب
  • ライアーゲーム
  • 8.56
  • 8.71
  • 358
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  • 69,704
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The card reads as follows:
Congratulations! You are one of the 1 in 100,000 people who has been entered in the amazing LIAR GAME TOURNAMENT!

Along with the postcard there is 100 million yen in notes. That's the beginning of the Liar Game. When the game ends, in 30 days, you will have to return your 100 million. If your opponent steals them, he can keep them as a prize, and you will have a debt of 100 million...
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  • Volume 0/19
  • Chapter 0/201

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You don't read this for the storytelling, only to surprise yourself with the strategies or try to predict what will happen
30 chapters in and I think the rating is extremely high for how underdeveloped the characters are and how much the story actually lacks a hook. I'd give it a 3/10 based on the first 30 chapters, but I'm going to keep reading it albeit slowly and hope it picks up more as it progresses. The games are interesting, but otherwise it is almost a chore to read
I was led here by Super Eyepatch Wolf and I'd say I was interested but not entirely I the weird one?

link btw:

edit: series is still interesting and very engaging so this is quite enjoyable

the more I read this and ponder about things the greater realization I have in this being a great exercise in self analysis and reflection
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Honestly, if anyone likes this manga, should consider watching the drama. It was pretty fun watch. Also, liked how the drama ended vs. manga ended like many commented bout the underwhelming end. Love the movie ver. esp.

I tend to just reread for the games and kinda ignore the last game/ending and quite enjoyed it.
Amazing manga most of the time

Four Kingdoms sucked as the final game though, and LMAO that ending was godawful
Wow this was disappointing. After reading recommendations elsewhere as well as the praise here, I had high hopes this would will my craving for another gambling and/or psychology focused manga. It started off a bit weak, but not that bad, then picked up in the second game. I am sure there were little flaws and inconsistencies early on, but in general the first 1/3 - 1/2 or so still had me thinking this would be at least a 9/10 manga.

Then we get to the “steal a chair” game which contained some of the manga’s highs in terms of psychology, gamesmanship, and storytelling. However, it was here also where the author really started to try to force his “message” without providing situations, characters, or character development to justify it. There had been instances of this here and there before but it became glaring about at this point. It did not matter whether the “message” was reflected in actions or was even contradicted or made more complicated by the characters’ actions, the author repeatedly “told” instead of “showed”.

This issue only grew worse in the final 1/3 or so of the manga. Lots of telling but little showing. This character is good, this character is evil, this character is smart, etc etc. This problem extended to the plot itself as clearly the author for whatever reason was racing to get the story wrapped up by any means necessary in the end.

And, in the end, the ending was perhaps the biggest disappointment. It was clearly rushed, with a lot of exposition just dumped on the reader in the final couple chapters. What’s more character development felt unnatural and at times non-existent. Personalities, motivations, etc changed with little or no reflection. At times when it was convenient background characters were little more than scenery, at other times they were almost impossibly logical (considering the tendency towards irrationality among humans), and at others they were conveniently irrational so as to suit the author’s plot and “message”.

Again, these were problems throughout but which got really bad towards the end. Ultimately the manga felt less like a look at the complexities of human psychology or politics and more like a lecture on being a “good” person whilst avoiding any of the contradictions, hypocrisies, nuances, etc that arise.

In the end I rated it 7/10 and I wonder if even that might be a bit generous.
@phich, you are right about my comment. I wonder how I was so active writing that comment, that I don't even remember that much, time changes people.
Already read two times and i would say it was the best manga that i ever read, loved all the games as well as how the characters manage to beat them. The plot twists that happen kept me reading constantly. It was really worthful!
Decent, but the uglyass mouth-agape faces gets pretty fucking annoying after a while.
Man u r hyper active. I agree to those ppl commented b4 me that the ending sucks. Nontheless this manga has great psychology mind tricks and complex game mechanisms that other authors can never think of. The only problem is that the manga peaked several arcs before the ending ( i personally think the author should have saved the contraband arc for last) . Still, in term of content, 10/10
Oh my god! I almost started reading it, thanks for saying that! Aaah I feel stupid for almost wasting my time.
The majority of people on this site are not intelligent enough to read this manga. It requires intense concentration to understand the complex underpinnings of some of the games. Particularly someone complaining about lack of muh stronk wahmen

High IQ only
this manga... was at beginning quite horrorful for me honestly but... then it was interesting too, but then it was interestin too , but then it was interest too. I repeated like this because the action starts repeating same plot even though its a different game everytime and 1.75/3 of the Manga story ,,, I DID NOT MIND THAT HOWEVER THE STORY SEEMED TO START TO GET RUSHED and fdkfdkjfdjk another thing ( and its ALWAYS AKYIAMA AND Kanzaki who wins again and again and again and again and again which is boring... let YOKOYA win ONCE gosh... p.s this is a frustration of mine xxd).
Anyways For You ALL i Recommend this Manga when you want to Waste Time A Lot. Because even though the things that i said are repeatable, there are in some of the Liar Games Interesting parts, And Yea it is has a lot of Psychology. 7/10 the manga's Note. ORRRR 6.5/10 BECAUSE THE ENDING..................... GOSH I WONT SPOILER IT BUT ITS SO FUNNY WAY TOO FUNNY YOU WILL LAUGH OR YOU WILL HAVE YOUR FACE AS A STONE.
THE POWER OF DARKNESSSSSSSS HAHAHAH :))) 😧 🙄🙄🙄🙄 But i still put 7/10 because it has some life sentences like as an example because you will see them: Before you trust others, Doubt Them,because doubting them will make you want to know what is in their hearts, etc.

Have a wasteless reading..
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Amazing manga, but good lord, that is one underwhelming ending.
Still reading the first quarter of the series.

The mc is kinda useless. It looks like the author is focusing on "trust is good" message rather a character arc of her becoming smarter.

Could have been a great opportunity for some shonen style growth. Sigh...
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Ok, what the fuck is that ending
It's hilarious
Don't worry, it gets better.
Okay, this is just stupid. So the girl is useless and CANT help but decides to go back into HELP the dude. Like u aint helping no one, u're a burden ! Typical cliche writing of how all females are useless
I read this manga some time ago and I was immediately taken with it. Like Vickamoose brought out, for the majority of the story it was well written and really gets you curious on how they solve certain problems or deal with new tricks and enemies. It also had character development or gets you to see another side of a character that you didn't see in a previous game. And even though Nao might not be the most charismatic protagonist, she was likeable, you could feel she was making an effort and that she is sincere in what she does. However, it is true that the story eventually starts to feel off. I don't know if the author was just feeling done with it or if the series got cancelled earlier than expected but it started to feel rushed and the ending kind of felt thrown together, like it was meant to go further but decides to leave the rest of it to your imagination.

I have to admit that was pretty frustrating for me as a reader. This story had so much potential and I felt like it was trying to say something, like piece by piece it was telling a message or an underlying story and yet its not all there. Despite that though I would still recommend it as a read, as the games and arcs themselves are good stories. Sort of like still having good flowers in a bit of a haphazard garden.
I really, really loved about the first 2/3 of this manga. The art takes some getting used to, but I like it a lot and the thought processes that the characters use are super cool. Everything has its reason, and although the girl starts out naive (which is the whole point of why this story starts) she gradually learns bit by bit. It can be frustrating, but I know she's doing better than I ever could lol.

Everything was going super well, but it feels like toward the end the author just lost all steam and didn't put as much thought into the final arc as the others. Any character development just evaporated and the ending was kind of... disappointing. Still, it was a fun read and a good series to binge.