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  • Kiseijū
  • Kiseijuu
  • Parasite
  • Parasito
  • Parazit
  • Паразит
  • טפיל
  • انگل
  • ปรสิตเดรฉาน
  • 寄生兽
  • 寄生獣
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  • 8.80
  • 511
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  • 55,286
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They arrive in silence and darkness. They descend from the skies. They have a hunger for human flesh. They are everywhere. They are parasites, alien creatures who must invade - and take control of - a human host to survive. And once they have infected their victims, they can assume any deadly form they choose: monsters with giant teeth, winged demons, creatures with blades for hands. But most have chosen to conceal their lethal purpose behind ordinary human faces. So no one knows their secret - except an ordinary high school student. Shin is battling for control of his own body against an alien parasite, but can he find a way to warn humanity of the horrors to come?

Na Ziemię spada niezliczona ilość kulistych tworów wielkości piłek tenisowych. To inwazja! Z kulek „wykluwają się” podobne do węży stwory i atakują ludzi. Dostawszy się do głowy „zjadają” ją, przejmując kontrolę nad resztą ciała. Od tej chwili pasożyt w ciele żywiciela pędzi dalszy żywot, raz po raz pożerając kolejnych ludzi.
Obcy, ludzie i filozofia. Czy to połączenie może wypaść dobrze? Zapewne tak, ale nie tym razem.

Russian / Русский
Паразиты... Создания, живущие за счёт своего носителя, обладают совершенно нечеловеческой силой. Посланные небом должны проникать в мозг человека для полной власти над носителем. Но кому как повезёт... Именно эта неудача одного паразита спасает жизнь школьника Синдзи Идзуми, живущего обычной жизнью. Но и эта же неудача делает его носителем этого загадочного существа, обрекая Синдзи на постоянную борьбу за выживание с другими, более сильными паразитами. Что же будет делать Синдзи, если его существование с паразитом в его организме ставит на кон жизни и его близких?

Winner of:
  • Kodansha Manga Award for general manga in 1993
  • Seiun Award for Best Comic of the Year in 1996.
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    One of the best manga of all time, my personal 2nd favorite manga (behind Blade of the Phantom Master). Great art, great action, great characters and development, good romance, interesting and addicting lore/concepts. It's almost too good.
    Holy shit I like this art style better
    I had read this manga back in 2001 or something. I was very surprised when the 2014 anime got out, and even more that it had a very nice "modernization" to it.

    6 out of 5 stars, this work is a masterpiece in all aspects.

    Just finished the anime on netflix such a good story. I want to know the origin of the Parasites
    Only on chapter two, but I like it so far. The art is nice.

    Bretty good.
    Last edited 3 mo ago by spicypeppers.
    feels rushed after chapter 57-59
    Devilman 2:Parasiteman
    I binge watched the anime on hulu. Definately gonna check this manga out. The Thing+anime=a very happy girl
    Ayy mate The thing, the originals ones are best ones 2011 can't even touch it
    Last edited 1 year ago by RedSatoshi.
    Awesome manga. For everyone who enjoyed it, I recommend John Carpenter's "The Thing," which is the author's obvious inspiration for this. That and, I imagine, the book "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep," given the angle about sociopaths and how to deal with them as a human capable of empathy.
    Last edited 1 year ago by boldmonkey.
    The ending feel a little weak but great series overall.
    I'm surprised it got an anime after so long. And the anime is so good too. Glad it got the recognition it deserved.