Author GATE - Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri
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Hits much of the points. The main draw to this manga is basically modern weaponry vs swords and magic fantasy.

Main thing to consider is that the author is an Ultra-Nationalist, very "JAPAN NUMBAH WON", and actually had to tone down the nationalism slant for the actual publication. He puts Russia in a somewhat favorable light, but considering that the Japanese rightwingers want to build up the military and possibly split from the alliance with the US, they're going to need a different ally to hold off the spectre of a threat from China.

And you can bet that China has not forgotten what Japan did to them during WWII, or much of South East Asia for that matter.
Avatar Ouek 1 mo ago
You may be right about idealising the jsdf, and shi*ting on what may be a portrait of european cultures.
To be honest, I don't care. Before i came across this manga i had imagined the conflict of modern technology vs. medieval fantasy world countless times. That is why i love it, and will continue to enjoy reading it.

p.s. i've got a strong feeling You're Polish..? jedynie Polskich Husarów napisałeś z dużej, pozdrawiam :)
Avatar Kageru 18 days ago
sure... we have armaments. But they have magic, that would effectively mean our science has a huge gap in its understanding, and nobody seems to care?
Avatar DizzyMiko 13 days ago
@Hexador "It's why nationalism is problematic for humanity."

Don't confuse Nationalism for Jingoism. A LOT of people seem to confuse these two terms and it's quite annoying. You can be nationalistic without being Jingoistic, much like how you can be empathetic, yet not be sympathetic.

It's the nuances. They are quite important.
Avatar Hexador 12 days ago
@DizzyMiko Is a jingoist stance not based upon a foundation of nationalist values? Yes, you can be nationalistic without taking a jingoistic stance toward the rest of the world. However, nationalism in and of itself is a problem for humanity. Nationalism creates pride in the perception of separation from the global community. Perceived separation from the majority can result in vastly different trains of thought, with the potential for a community coming to think something and act upon it in a way that is contrary to the wellbeing of our planet and our species.

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Why it feels like YT comment section?? I mean ok I see author getting his ideology in this manga materialized BUT it's no reason start all out politics thread... besides imagine for second it was about american army ? this would totally turn into meme manga (hurr durr it's basically free real estate etc.)

/back to topic

nothing much really happened in last chap besides someone realizing he fucked up big time XD
Avatar mug3n 9 days ago

And why would be a nationalistic pamphlet bad? Save private Ryan was also a nationalistic pamphlet, there is a particular scene with a nazi soldier which is utterly ridiculous and cringy in that regard, but even with that it's a good film. Gran Torino uses nationalism, tradition and family, something I perfectly expect from Eastwood but he explores and goes beyond.

Yeah, the author is projecting himself, like every author does. So what? The problem is he can't deliver a proper story beyond of how awesome is the JDSF and his country and how he probably despise the west and falls in the same trope of all isekais, the ciclejerk of how intelligent and prepared are the protagonists compared to the uncouth savages of the other side but uses his convoluted ideology for it. The manga is bad, yes, but that's the standard quality for isekai.

He deserves bad criticism for being a bad author, not for being a nationalistic jackass.

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Avatar vza004 9 days ago
"What are those?!"
Avatar DjAlexDubCheck 9 days ago
I agree partly with you and partly with @Mug3n.
The funniest thing is that all those nasty "western" traits you compiled in that list
can be easily morphed into present or past Japanese problems.
I feel like author is even more retarded than nationalist,
there is a great Roman saying about this kind of thickness which fits him perfectly:
"Do you just have wooden mirrors in your fucking house ?"

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Avatar wanstarz 9 days ago
no HALO jump.... but they got M4A1sopmod so im good.... i wish that zorzal is dead... also tyuule is bad news... they need to fulton recover the prince for diplomatic reason i guess.

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Avatar wanstarz 9 days ago
omg the comments section is cancer... i come here to have fun reading fantasy stuff but get bombarded by ideals in comments.....
Avatar hehaaw 9 days ago
seriously if you guys still bothered with the author ideals on this manga just dont bother to read this anymore, unless you are here to enjoy the manga... even if you guys bitching about it won't change anything
Avatar mug3n 9 days ago

In the end all depends of the eye of the beholder. There are lots of stories with similar visions in the western culture, being butthurt because someone outisde your culture ridiculizes yours is childish, we are the ones who do it the most. In the end it's quite ironic, we got a taste of our medicine and this author don't realize that what he portraits can be applied to his culture as well. I love it.

@wanstarz @hehaaw

It's called discussion section, not admiring section. If you want to use it to comment how good is the manga and how much you like it go ahead, but let others use it for discussing to related matters too.

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Avatar jesusdeath14 7 days ago
Is this manga still going?