Author Editing Manga
You need to be a Contributor, Group Leader, or Power Uploader to edit manga (even if you were the one who did add it). Contributor request thread

Description: Remove "Do not upload", "Licensed series", "Warning: Objectionable content, blah blah blah", and the like. Those are remnants from Batoto.

Author/Artist: Only first letter of last name and first name are capitalized, no comma (for those that use normal name styles). e.g. Asada Nikki

Last chapter: Of main story/serialization. Omakes/volume extras are not included in the chapter count. Makes an END indicator show up beside the chapter title in the specified last chapter. When uploading chapters, do not put [END] in the last chapter anymore.

External Links:
a. MangaUpdates ID: The number in

b. MyAnimeList ID: The number in Make sure it's the manga page, not the anime page.

c. NovelUpdates slug: The last part of the url in, the-kings-avatar.

d. Raw URL: Official URL of the comic in its original language, usually for web-published comics. (Japanese for manga! Do not add Chinese/Korean-translated Japanese manga for source.) Some examples: Pixiv, Nico Seiga, Comico (Chinese can be tricky if you're not familiar with them)

e. Official Eng URL: The English publisher's page for comic (because that lists all available vendors), not some storefront (e.g. Amazon only) link. Some examples:

For search URLs, try to show the most accurate result and remove unneeded parameters.
f. CDJapan URL: Look here
Series List shows the same result as

g: URL
Thisカタカナ&url=search-alias=digital-text&field-keywords=15 明刹工業高校ラグビー部 can be reduced to明刹工業高校ラグビー部 toさんにんぐらし-バーズコミックス-ルチルコレクション-平喜多ゆや-ebook/dp/B0098IROW2/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1526741528&sr=1-1&keywords=さんにんぐらし to

Related: or Relations
Adding (and deleting) a relation to one manga will add (or remove) the corresponding relation to the given manga ID.

Example: In Naruto (id=5), if you want to add Boruto (id=23105) as sequel, you will pick Sequel relation in Naruto page and input 23105. It will automatically add Prequel with an input of 5 to Boruto page.

If you opened multiple tabs before adding a relation, make sure to refresh before you add a new one because it might delete the already added ones in a different page.

Prequel - Sequel
Adapted from - Spinoff (gets mistaken for doujinshi probably due to MangaUpdates relation)
Side story - Main story
Alternate story
Doujinshi - Based on
Coloured - Monochrome (official color comics, not fan/scanlator-colored versions)
Shared universe
Same franchise
Pre-serialization - Serialization
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