Author Shounen Maid
Avatar Araliya 6 mo ago
Thanks for picking this up, Talesofrubi!
Avatar x754 6 mo ago
I don't even remember where we left off with this one.
Avatar Gredias 5 mo ago
>*drools at the possibility of infinite housework*
Are we sure this guy's name isn't Emiya Shirou?
Avatar UltimateAdrian20 5 mo ago
So our first introduction to Chihiro's grandma. That's sort of nice
Avatar goronyanpai 2 mo ago
This is one of good underrated series
The anime adaption aired back then but the feedback was really low. Especially in its season.
I make the review about this in MAL, despite the art is not amazing. It is really heart-warming and flows well.

I hesitate at first if it's turned out to be shounen-ai. Fortunately no. This is unexpectedly deep and the situation is quite complex. It shows how lively the athmosphere is, cute and calming. But when a certain topic was brought up, it touched my heart.

It really is good. I recommended it.
Avatar monstergelo 7 days ago
the lack of jailbait comment kinda depressing

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