Author Chapter 253 (Star Martial God Technique)
I thought Zero Scans left Mangadex with the other scanlators.
Well, good to have you here!
maybe an uploader who give a f*ck about that ?

but i like it =)
The main reason for Zero Scans not uploading was because specific projects got contracted and put the team in certain limitations.

We made an announcement about that in our discord.

Hi, we've been cooperating with Mangatoon for some of our projects.
Star Martial God Technique and Dragon King of the World are licensed works hence they will be removed from mangadex.
If you want to support the official release consider buying chapters since that means helping the author of your favorite work, but you will still be able to read on our website as well. Nothing changes regarding the release schedule. We are still working on the projects and we release as it is. Nothing changes.

Lastly, I want to say some words about the reason for this decision. We simply want to protect the projects we work on and avoid getting forced to drop it due to licensing and legal steps from publishers.

The chapters will be removed in the following days.
Thank you.

As to why chapters are uploading again is because of our last announcement that we removed the upload restriction while addressing the recent events.
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@tony_ Thanks for clarifying and mentioning the official cooperation/licensing, and being considerate of the readers. I guess a congratulation is in order for the official cooperation part~
@tony_ As @Nouvi said, thx for clarifying the situation. I use mangadex because of the plataform (no ads, clean, etc) and recently was visiting a lot of scanlators sites with upload delay of x days, including Zero Scans to read the new chapters as fast as possible.
Unfortunately, the staff of mangadex was really immature, maybe with time and more scanlators abandoning them, they will notice their errors.
Sad to see another series go away, wish you the best of luck.
I use mangadex because it's a clean adfree aggregator with links to scanlators.
I'm not going to track a dozen sites to see if manga I like are updated.
I'd be happy to hear alternatives to MD to organize my manga reading (without naming other aggregators as MD should and will remove/edit those messages).
I'm not going in discussion about the whole drama that's unfolding these past few weeks, that's what forums are for, not comment pages.
What's going on with MD? Th forum is completly flooded with false thread .
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@laetan spam bot managed to get through a dev oversight. should be fixed by now
@tony_ What's this? A scanlator group giving reasonable arguments that I kinda agree with for leaving the site? And they are making sure not to screw over the readers in the process? Am I dreaming?!

Jokes aside, I want to thank you for how you are handling this situation. I'm not happy to see you go, but I can understand why you choose to leave and I do agree that the staff could have reacted better to this situation. I will hold on to the hope that you might return in the future but regardless, thanks for the good work so far, for your honesty when it came to this matter and being considerate of your MD readers. I wish you luck in any future projects and I'll drop by your website to check if you are translating any new series that I might be interested in.

Again, thank you and good luck!
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