Author How do I Export my Manga list ? ... ( making a file of it )
Since MD pretty much fuck up now that alot Scanlators pulling the chapters off MD , i wonder how to export my Manga List

I mean .... , theres alot of Manga that got pulled up because of MD drama
i kinda dont trust the Original thread anymore since the Admin use his/her power to edit someone thread / comment , since theres might be a word that deleted by them

First of all: They edited to make a clarification because the original poster was speaking out of their arse, taking comments out of context, and take Holo's dream (Which is basically more of a meme then anything), and try and take it seriously (The thread is long, but all the information is there TL;DR MD isn't going to go legit unless a actual miracle occurs and shit like the culture around Licencing etc changes overnight)

Secondly: While there are a number of manga effected by these groups leaving, there are far more that are entirely unaffected and saying "Since MD pretty much fuck up" is a kneejerk overreaction at best, or a blatant attempt at trolling at worse.

Finally: Saw your poll and now am pretty sure you're a troll, but in case I'm incorrect, I'd recommend keeping a list on a word document if you're that paranoid of anything happening to MangaDex but a few things:

1: MD hasn't betrayed jack, the drama queens turned a non-story into a story to incite the drama to either a. Try to force MD to take their side in some petty drama over sniping and "mean" credit pages or b. to act as smoke and mirrors to try and make people side with them, despite them inconveniencing their readers by pulling out of MD, you know, the only Manga site that I'm aware of that allows reading delays, and has multiple places to put links to their websites so people can go visit them there which is a total 10/10 move, not stupid in the slightest but at least they'll have more eyes on their Patreon pages, would say the same for their ad revenue but it must suck that AdBlock is so common these days.

1.5: If MD "not taking their side" on the petty drama is a "betrayal", even that isn't their fault since from the get go they've always (At least, from as far as I can tell) tried to be impartial and leave adults to deal with drama like adults (And guess what this bunch didn't do?)

2: How is MD greedy? They literally ask for nothing, have no ads running (Bar funny April Fools ads), and actually give the groups the choice to upload or not, and I can't recall the last time I've seen any of the MD mods ask for donations, if this is a troll that option feels like some serious projection, and if it's a serious suggestion how in the hell would you make a website less "greedy"?

So yeah, you're either painfully confused and misled over the whole situation (Can't blame you too much I suppose, the situation is a royal clusterfuck of a nontroversy) or a really bad attempt at a troll, but the TL;DR is MangaDex isn't likely to go anywhere anytime soon and the likes of JB and assorted thin-skinned drama queens ain't going to do anything to change that (Although losing chapters on MD is annoying, but it's annoying at worst) but since any of these sites could be struck down suddenly I'd imagine keeping a backup would be a smart idea, and writing down the names of 500+ Manga will take some time so an export function would be nice (I took a quick gander around the site and can't find any export option, if I missed it please comment how to, Inb4 it's actually the easiest thing to do and I'm just a blithering moron)
Skip this and go to my post below for a oneliner to export your follows.

@Serelanordir Ignoring the crap, and just directly answering your question.

I do not currently know of a builtin function for exporting your manga, but if you are capable of using a userscript

Go To
Set view to detailed (in to right corner, underneath the profile button)
Visit all pages (Follows page number, not all manga. For me, 7 pages covering 265 titles )
open browser console
Run mangaList.savable().followed to get more detailed information on all your follows in a json stringifyable format.
Run console.log(Object.values(mangaList.list.followed).map(e=>e.title).reduce((a,e)=>a+"\n"+e) ) to export just the current MD titles of your follows.
Run console.log(Object.values(mangaList.list.followed).reduce((a,e)=>`${a == "" ? "" : a + "\n"}[url=${e.url}]${e.title}[/url]`,"") ) to export MD bbcode links to every title.
My exported list

I could simplify my code and make it work a lot more reliably thx to a lot of site improvements, but haven't bothered since it still works (thx to redundancy).
Detailed info will not capture your ratings, just MD title ID, and description atm.

You can see some more details about my autocomplete userscript here -->
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You are a god among men, I salute you o7
Lol, thx @Valkynaz

I will reiterate, I am ignoring all the crap, and only responding to the thread's title.

MD does not have a builtin export option yet. However, I wrote a oneliner that will do the job. Can run from any MD page as long as your logged in. No changes to any setting/view modes are needed. Source included, but minified version reccomended for ease of access. Minified versions were generated by uglify.
Code and Instructions below.

Source [Console]: export-follows.js

Minified versions [Console | Bookmarklet] (a bookmarklet is a bookmark with js code as the url):
Title only version (Baka Updates compatible):

Follow Status (Rating): Title version:
    javascript:(()=>{let[e,t]=function(){let e=document.createElement("button"),t=document.createElement("div"),n=document.createElement("div"),o=document.createElement("div");return n.appendChild(o),"flex","center","center","fixed","100vw","100vh","0","0","rgba(0,0,0,.75)","wrap","column",t.appendChild(e),t.appendChild(n),e.textContent="Looking For Follows",e.disabled=!0,document.body.appendChild(t),[e,o]}();(function e(t,n,o,l){return console.log(`Fetching Page ${t}`),n.textContent=`Fetching Page ${t}${l?` of ${l}`:""}`,new Promise((l,a)=>{fetch(`${t}/`).then(r=>{r.text().then(r=>{let c=document.implementation.createDocumentType("html","",""),i=document.implementation.createDocument("","html",c);i.documentElement.innerHTML=r;let d=Object.values(i.documentElement.querySelectorAll(".manga-entry"));if(0==d.length)return a();d=function(e){return>{let t={};return,t.title=e.querySelector(".manga_title").title,t.url=e.querySelector(".manga_title").href,e.querySelectorAll(".btn-group .dropdown-menu .dropdown-item.disabled").forEach(e=>{if(e.classList.contains("manga_rating_button")){let n=e.textContent.trim();""!=n&&(}else e.classList.contains("manga_follow_button")&&(t.followText=e.textContent.trim(),}),t})}(d),o.textContent=o.textContent?o.textContent:0;let[,m,u]=i.documentElement.querySelector("#chapters > p").textContent.match(/to (\d+) of (\d+)/),s=i.documentElement.querySelector("#chapters .page-link .fa-angle-double-right").parentElement.href.match(/(\d+)\/$/)[1];if(o.textContent=`Found ${m} / ${u} follows.`,t>=parseInt(s))return l(d);l(e(t+1,n,o,s).then(e=>d.concat(e)).catch(()=>d))}).catch(a)}).catch(a)})})(1,e,t).then(t=>{let n=t.sort((e,t)=>e.follow-t.follow||(null!=t.rating?t.rating:-1)-(null!=e.rating?e.rating:-1)).reduce((e,t)=>`${""==e?"":e+"\n"}${t.followText}${null!=t.rating?` (${t.rating})`:""}: ${t.title}`,"");console.log(n),e.textContent="Copy Follows!",e.disabled=!1,e.onclick=(()=>{!function(e){let t=document.createElement("textarea"),n=document.getSelection();t.textContent=e,document.body.appendChild(t),n.removeAllRanges(),,document.execCommand("copy"),n.removeAllRanges(),document.body.removeChild(t),console.log(`Copied cover art '${e}'`)}(n),e.parentElement.remove()})})})();

  1. Copy the red code above.
  2. Open your browsers console [Firefox | Chrome]
  3. Paste code into console
  4. Push enter
  5. Wait for follows list to be downloaded, then click "Copy Follows!"
An overlay button will appear when it runs (at step 4). As it looks up your follows, it will say "Fetching Page __ of __"
Once its done (should be a few seconds on good connections), it will say "Copy Follows!" Click it to copy your follows list to the clipboard.
Where you paste this list is up to you.


Example output:

For importing MU lists into MD, see my redit comment:
Just a couple steps away from a 2 way sync userscript. I'll create a new thread and add a link to this when I am complete.
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