Author Chapter 432 (Otome Danshi ni Koisuru Otome)
Today's OtoKoi chapter is a big translation problem. I hope it still gets the meaning across for most readings.
But in the original mayu could only hear the word "kiss".
"Kyou wa Tenki Sugoku ii ne!" = Weather's nice today, right?
"Chotto Hayaku Kisugicchata kana" = Didn't we arrive too early?

But I couldn't do the same in English, because I'm not smart enough.
Mmh, for the first one: "This park is super nice under the sun, right?"

Disclaimer: non-native English speaker πŸ˜…

And as always, thank you for translating this gem πŸ˜™
Maybe it's a good thing Yuuki is in the girl clothes mode currently if Mayu intends to kiss him. In case there's still some lingering fear of men left in her. Although I doubt it really matters as long as it's Yuuki.

@kurisu Well, it's just a single page (maybe?). Your translations have been jolly good for the whole ride, so forgive yourself a page every now and then. The most important thing is that you won't get stuck on it.
The more you try NOT to think of it, the more you're gonna think of it.
Not a best time for kiss scene. Yuki is in girly mode, I'll misunderstand it as yuri kiss
So that's what that one's called, I never heard the name before but you see it used for this joke a lot in manga.