Post something that you worked on recently!
kago 1 month ago

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Zephyrus 1 month ago

You are indeed destined for greatness. :v

Cute doodle! Shame I can't draw.
Teasday 1 month ago

How recently
Alraisen 1 month ago
Since it seems quality is not an important factor, and to stir it up a bit:

I am planning on another design, way easier than this living nightmare was, so I'll post the result if I ever get one.
Oh and please don't consider me an artist.

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kago 1 month ago
@Alraisen it's fine, no matter whether you are an artist or not, post whatever you worked on recently is the goal of this thread. ?
Letheliah 1 month ago
I make photo manips for Harry Potter RP and I'm not even embarrassed.
The background is Quidditch Stadium by J. Torres.

kago 28 days ago
@Letheliah That looks great!
sbstratos79 26 days ago
Study of Kim Jung Gi's artwork that I did some time ago.


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kago 25 days ago
@sbstratos79 very nice
Teasday 24 days ago
Got myself a new hobby

kago 23 days ago
@Teasday Ah, sculpting... That's cool

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yu6 8 days ago
Finished this the other day for a friend
kago 7 days ago
@yu6 Cool
p-p-pasta 5 days ago
Something I did for fun. I hate lineart.

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Paranoid1996 3 days ago