Author Sayonara Mangadex, putting down our rose colored glasses.
Given that I do not know what has happened since the beginning of this story, I do not know what really triggered it, even though I am not on the mangadex side or even on the Scanlation groups side. 😅
Given in particular that I respect both parties, therefore what I am about to write is not taken for malice but rather as a criticism on the part of a user who follows you and a former colleague.
I also experimented with translating and editing the manga chapters, I used paint so you can imagine the curses I pulled. 😓
I also tried to edit and translate the anime just because I wanted to see if I was brought, so I know that it takes effort and patience.
But I can't agree with the Scanlation groups in this case, they seem to me just a bunch of excuses used by kids, childish excuses to complain about something that exists since the beginning of the internet itself.
You complain about haters when they exist from the beginning of the internet and have nothing to do with mangadex.
I imagine that you have repeatedly reported the hater's comments, even if mangadex did not want to intervene after the repeated reports (and not this one) then I can understand that you want to try another route.
But don't think the haters will decrease, you can't block them on your sites.
Just create a new account or use the anonymous and you can continue, same thing on discord.
And in that case you can't blame your site or discord. 😅
You complain that mangadex receives donations and does not let you know how much it receives in total, but let's be honest if you had such a site you would say that you are well aware that there is a risk that someone will steal the data to access the account where they are such money?
The mangadex staff has always said that it would use them to maintain and improve the site and they are doing it, a server is not cheap and you should know a minimum because each of you has one.
You also have patreons and you shouldn't even have technically, because the excuse of "I have to keep the site where I load the chapters" you can't use.
- There are free sites to do what you need.
- The forums exist.
- Use ALL discord.
So the patreon needs you for what?
Buy chapters?
Don't want me, but even for that there is the solution, there are sites where you can find raw, they won't always be quality but you save a lot.
These are all things that you also know and it is clear that I write it as a fan, but for me they are childish excuses.
The money for the patreon in the end you also pocketed it because it is not that you reveal how much the chapters of your manga cost.
The only one who revealed the cost of the manga he translates is Allen for the Iron Ladies manga and whoever follows that manga knows what a monster Allen is.
He translated so many chapters in one day that it didn't even seem like a human being.
You know true that if you spread the word that you ask for money with the patreon are you at risk of reporting?
Are you aware of this? 😅
At least mangadex has a way to fend off your ass but you can't.
I am not threatening it is clear, but just a couple of weeks ago because of someone who had shared images of twitter of some Korean manga and webtoon an author has expressly advised not to do it anymore otherwise the complaint would have started and on various discord groups is the screen.
And those groups don't ask for money, think what can happen to you.
I repeat it is not my intention to threaten you, this is a criticism of the whole.
I get a little laughing (with all due respect 😅) to hear you talk about staying in the law when there has never been anything legal from the beginning.
You are free to leave mangadex, to delete all the loaded chapters, this obviously will not stop the aggressive sites but avoid acting like kids who do not know what is legal and what is not.
You are more mature than this and I know it, if you avoid provocations by simply leaving the post and adding those you wanted to combine with your idea, you looked better.
So you're not showing anything for me.
So please, avoid continuing to respond, I say it from the heart because I am sorry to see the flame so useless and vulgar.
You have written yours, there is no need to add anything else.
I will follow you on discord and on your sites as I have been doing for a few months now, nothing changes me. 😀
@ninjadork I wasn't referring to your complaint. I didn't quote anybody's complaint. What are you talking about?

My first point was that people should use another manga bookmarking site because it's very up to date with 99% of all English scanlations releases. Including manga not found on MD. A simple Google of "series name chapter X" takes less than a minute, seriously.

My second point is that there are tons of entitled MD readers who insist on reading scanlations on MD, willing to support MD, but shit talk about the actual scanlation group who provides the actual chapter to read.
I think they did the right thing. Their scanlation model wants to attract as much people to their website, discord and patreon as possible. After they notice that a lot of users visit them from mangadex then they don't need to host it on other sites anymore. Many smart groups also did it like that on batoto.
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Kissmanga my old friend. We will meet again.
What's going on in this threa-
oh lawd
eats popcorn

Edit: it doesn’t matter where we get our raws because we don’t *expect* to get reimbursed. It’s a hobby. We’re not in it for the money.

I guess we should stop here now, clearly we do have different way as scanlator. I got the answer I need. Thanks for the honest answer tho.
I hope people who decide to leave will enjoy a new place that will make them more comfortable with their justice.
For me, the community is all the same. Whether it's on Discord, Batoto, OM, and now MD.
It's tiring just to see this sloppy drama. I almost forgot how good it was to enjoy reading.
My second point is that there are tons of entitled MD readers who insist on reading scanlations on MD, willing to support MD, but shit talk about the actual scanlation group who provides the actual chapter to read.

Are you serious? Tons means thousands if you were to give it a number. There most certainly aren't that many vocal whiners. The vast majority of readers never say a single thing. The second largest group says positive things or neutral things, typically discussing the contents of the chapter in some manner. Thanking the scanlator is also fairly common. I'd say the shit talking mainly happens in chapters that are abnormal in some ways, plus series that have the delays or withdrawal drama. There you have the complainers, but are there tons of them? No. Such an exaggeration. It might look like that to you because they concentrate in certain places, but that's it.
Ohhhh well, that feeling that you suddenly missed ur ex-GF that although slighty bitchy and like to talk shit to you, but at least she never betrays you.

Oh man, I guess it's time to go back to good ol' mangarock. I guess I can stand a bit ugliness of you.
Here's the thing

Note that what you read atm, whether from MD or the scanlations' websites, or from other mangareader's sites are NOT legal. They're borderline illegal (if not already illegal) because we basically said "meh fck the author fck the artist i'm gonna read this sh8 for free".

I am not being a douchebag that will say this is bad (well it is but i do read them illegally too so who am i to judge others).

The problem is, how people are making use of this situation to look for profits. Of course i look up and being thankful to every scanlation groups that TL my favorite manga(s), but i don't really wanna take profits from illegal stuffs.

I know you need money to run sites, since i run one too. I know how hard it is to look for staffs to scan a manga, especially RAW providers (maybe not nowadays lol) and Translators, since i was a TS back then. But because of that. i know for sure that money you gets from translating illegal manga, especially if you're translating BIG titles (Bokuben, Kaguya-sama, etc etc etc), you actually get PROFITS. The profit means when your donations are higher than the cost you need to run the scanlations. And no, i haven't talked about the ads in their respective websites. IMO, you can't get paid when you do these kind of jobs, because it's illegal.

Is it a bad thing? NO it is not. Although if that's the case, it would be funny as fck when you complained that sites like kissmanga, mangarock, etc are profiting from your scanlations. Because what they did is exactly the same of what you did to the respective's authors and artists. You take their works illegally, and you profit from that. And because of this, i think MD is a Godsend for "good" scanlations (if not from the fact that you can't get profit from it). You can count how much scanlation that actually types "Please read this ONLY FROM MANGADEX". Since the time i was still active on scans, the main problems is how mangareader sites don't credit you for what you did.

But i have been wondering, what profit do you need when MD is around? you can close your website you know, if that actually costs too much for you to handle. You have a scanlation websites for a manga reader anyways (and taking profits lmao)

Don't get me wrong. Although i disagree, i can understand why you would want to get a profit. The one thing i can't get is, why are you mad on MD when it's basically one of if not the best mangareader sites available nowadays. And by going legit, you can get legal money from the manga you scanned.

In LN community, some translators do get scouted by the legit sites for real fyi. So i do support MD if they want to go legit, although i personally disagree with fakku and crunchy's schema where you absolutely need to pay. IMO, using ads for free readers and ads-free-not-overly-priced-paid-subs would suits MD better. Probably subs based on the titles? would love that

Although the main problem is when you go legit, MD's library would sunk by a significant number, but still a nice dream for @Holo to be a legit site someday!

T-Series was using pirated stuffs back then and now they're the biggest music label in India dream big go big
Jaimini's box lecturing people on scanlation morals ? What a fucking joke....
@YoroShie that's on you my man, my meaning was clear to everyone who can read.

Again you can't understand what I'm asking, I didn't ask about raw quality I'm asking if you looked into alternative ways of obtaining raws. P2P and stuff. I'm gonna keep calling that garbage garbage ok, you have bad taste and you should feel bad.
Good riddance dramaqueen scanlators. Your chapters will be re-uploaded on shitty aggregators or some other group will take over whatever manga you're working on and upload it to MD.
This seems pointless over all. There have been groups that have quit MD because they need the readers in their blog with their "please donate to our patreon uwu" and MD has deleted the chapters at their request. No one's keeping them slaves but people are most likely gonna go to some other aggregator site and they still don't get any money and in fact the other site gets the money by re-uploading their stuff and I seriously doubt the "harassing" is gonna stop because of this, meanwhile MD loses users if they go legit because the series that are getting scanlated while another company is publishing them with a delay HAVE to go.
MD manga reader is the most comfortable one I've used as well, so
No sir, not getting out of this chair.
Well LAW aside
1. MD is godsend for Readers
2. MD is great for 1-6 Person ScanLation(raw providing), TransLation, Cleaner, TypeSetting and ProofReaders "Fan Groups"
those 2 points are already a gift for all

another thing MD could do for all is buy the whole BOOKS of Manga scanlate it and present whole to the "Fan Groups"
WTF "Donation" WTF
what to come after that (pointsystem, time, fix delay) is yours to clear

everything else is child's tantrum for not-legal stuff
get over it

Lol, just in case you forgot that I am not the only one who noticed your shitty message. They even let you watch your word. Tell that to me that your message was clear when you haven't hit "edit".

I don't understand dumb questions, I dunno who else understand your question but if someone doesn't I would glad need their help to explain it to me. Also it doesn't mean it doesn't suit your taste it is the same with everyone so don't try to be aggressive and insisting to me your taste. You're the one who should feel bad for letting others feel bad. Don't keep that kind of attitude, it's bad for you mate ^^.
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That image is gold. I shared it on discord. It got a lot of laughs!

>stupid dog
@YoroShie The guy made that garbage reference towards to Satanophany, as a title, not the for the quality of translations or the members of your group. Btw, both that series, and the manhwas you translated has freely aviable HQ releases. While I do understand that scanlations costs money, with the titles you are releasing or released, that's not neccesseraily is the case.

His message wasn't like that before. But well if that's the case okay then. mean free on other aggregator site? I saw those actually, and those has been ripped from official sites. Our community wanted a better translation and we didn't get our raws for free.
>oh no raws are expensive!
>i cant afford it!
>scanlating is my livelihood!
Learn to code and get a real job.