Author Sayonara Mangadex, putting down our rose colored glasses.
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We don't plan on going legit with Mangadex. Holo's wish list of things that could happen - all taken out of context and Photoshoped into one "seamless" comment - are not what we base the day to day operation of the site on.

To those groups that are staying and continue to support us, thanks. <3

And to those groups that are leaving, sorry to see you go.

And now onto the drama! (Also restricting comments from this account that posted so this can't be edited out - actually I'll just ban it since multiple people are using it. Please use your main accounts, you three.)


Dear Mangadex, readers, and all interested parties,

When it was announced that Batoto would be retiring, the scanlation world went into frenzy, looking for a new place to call the scanlation hub. From within this panic, Mangadex (MD) was announced, giving hope to all teams that were reliant on Batoto for their releases. We all assumed that MD would be the next Batoto-esq platform that we had all come to love, respect and cherish. However, this assumption was nothing short of a blunder on our part as a lot of teams collectively started experiencing what we'd call targeted hate from members of the MD community. The source of this hate was quite apparent as MD had become a breeding ground for this hate against scanlation teams that failed to follow the wants of the MD admins/Mods and ally members.

The policies and methods MD employed to bolster their library of content created this rush for people to first upload content (for special roles), this was done assuming all active team leads would agree to this, which was obviously not the case. If teams decided to leave or not support MD, members of the community (call it the vocal minority or not) would head hunt team leads.

However you may interpret this, to us MD was forcing their own platform onto us, trying to make us abandon our sites and our chapter readers for something they had built.

Looking at MD's past and present, we've overlooked a lot of "issues" with MD, their platform and the readers they harbour. However it’s when we look at the future of MD as described by the man himself:

We see that to them, we scanlators are nothing but tools to their team to create something for themselves, fucking over the community like Fakku did (They went legal and removed all their scans for licenced works, fucking over their loyal site users). They're following a model called: Embrace, extend, and extinguish. (,_extend,_and_extinguish) Essentially they're using us for their own benefit and once they reach their goal they’ll throw all readers under the bus. There are a lot of things we can mention that we're concerned about, but to come to point...

Looking at the past, present and future of MD, we've collectively decided that we're going to remove our teams and the content we've worked on from Mangadex. We’ve realized MD was never the Batoto we were looking for, just another aggregate site wanting to top em' all.

Thank you to the few who have supported our teams with positive words and encouragement, and thank you to the many that have helped us remove these rose colored glasses we've been forced to wear by showering us with hate.

Signed by:

Hatigarm Scans: Hatigarm

Champion scans: SirChampion

Impatient scans: PlumJucie

Jaiminis Box: Yunomi

Silent Sky: Everath

Shoujo Hearts: Avelys

Ninja Scans: bobl32

CrossBreed Scans: Cimi

Fans Scans: infi

Meraki Scans: celes

Wowe-Returner Scans: Retard_
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That's me! And yeah, I've signed to this.
It's unfortunate but this is what JB's admin Panel has decided.
We've already pulled out a week ago, but we in Meraki support this.
Hmm, I could delete this thread, but I won't, as I have nothing to hide. My views haven't changed since day 1, after all.

It seems like some comments I made have been taken out of context to further some people's/groups' agendas 😀

Well, nothing changes, it's your choice to upload, or your choice not to. We respect your choice either way. How ironic, we're the only aggregator that does 😁

Going legit if the opportunity presented itself (in a way that causes minimal impact to our library) was never a secret.

MangaDex apologises for hurting your profits...

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Ah shit here we go again
Guess I gotta find a new place to read manga...
oh god oh fuck
It sure is unfortunate that you decided to pull out of mangadex. However, please be aware of the fact that us dreaming of going legit was never a secret.
Unfortunately, it is unreasonable to assume a site like this can last centuries without support from official publishers.
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very nice
Back to kissmanga and other aggregator sites that don't even credit the translation groups I guess.
If you respect their choice, you probably shouldn't be calling it an "irrational decision of not uploading". No idea what the context is though.
Back to kissmanga ig
Nothing of value was lost.
RIP MD, guess i need a new site. Feels bad.