Author Tsugumomo
It's really fun so far (~9 chapters in) but could someone spoil me on what to expect from the sexual violence tag? Not sure if I'm in a good enough place mentally to handle most things so would be nice to know.
Naked girl being whipped by an evil slave mistress.
Tentacles rubbing places.
No penetration happens, but other sexual things do.
@yldDavid in the pseudo-isekai arc, starting around ch. 115, so there's plenty of time to decide how invested in the characters you are. The end of the arc, 110-113 is a good point to stop and take stock.

The rough part for most people happens in vol. 14, chapters 66-71, but there's a lot of story after that.

A rule of thumb: Any time there's lots of bubbles involved, good time to take a break at the end of that chapter.

Thank you for the more detailed description too, I'll keep reading for a bit in that case.
came for the story
stayed for the "action"
waiting for story to get back on track
despite all the sexual stuff I really do love this series and how it used to tsukomogami and the character designs are superb
when is the next chapter coming out i am so tired of waiting.
@will_zhao 25th of may. it's a monthly manga, so you better get used to the wait.
why is this on featured I wonder
This was never good.
But it's become toxic shite.
Having finally caught up, I feel qualified to offer a general review/opinion of it.

Simply put, I love it. 9/10 easily. The art is great, the characters interesting and funny, the battle sequences intense, and the ecchi scenes sexy.

Be warned that there is a ridiculous amount of borderline-hentai ecchi scenes. It's probably the most ecchi-filled non-hentai series I've ever read. Most of the time it's just for fanservice, but it eventually gets woven into the plot via the traditional "sex magic" trope.

Nudity aside, it is a very strong shonen fighting manga. There's a lot of interesting foreshadowing early on with Kazuya's family relationships, and it eventually gets fleshed out really nicely. Some of the fighting scenes and special fighting moves rank right up there with the traditional shonen greats. The artist is really skilled, and he comes up with really interesting combat moves and stuff.

It's definitely not for everyone, but if you like ecchi and quality fighting, this is the series for you.
This is honestly so damn great, the anime is nothing compared to the manga.
I just wish someone would license this and publish physical copies already.
Holy fuck this was a bit too much. Author went off the deep end with this arc that's for sure. You can kind off ignore it begrudgingly till 124-125 where Kiriha gets straight up with Kazuya getting right after. There is fan service and then there is obscenity, this arc pushed this manga into the latter category. Don't get me wrong, not trying to be a puritan here those two situations were just final nails.

The whole thing was like an NTR doujin with cheap drama I'd expect from a Korean manga, pushing the main "couple" into a situation where they are powerless (for no good reason at all) just so you can pull at the heartstrings of the readers. (Which also happened to a lesser extent in the previous tournament arc.)

Not to mention that MC had a reasonable relationship built with the main cast but the author felt the need to dilute the whole group with 5+ new harem member for no real reason. The whole thing got so far off track I can't believe it will return to the task at hand in a reasonable amount of time. For me what connection has been built over 100+ chapters was quickly "ruined". Ruined might be a strong word here.

I don't understand how so many changed their tune over the course of the last arc (based on comments).
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