Lazy Loading Images? Implemented
zamu 2 months ago
Currently reading a chapter in long strip mode loads all the images in parallel. Instead the images should be loaded lazily as the viewer progresses down the page.

Support for the necessary tools/browser features is in the 73% range ( Here is a repo on Github that demonstrates it (
Teasday 2 months ago
Already implemented in the reader that's coming, uh, eventually. I went with the basic scroll event since it should be damn well supported but come to think of it I could just use that as a fallback.
azwald 12 days ago
i feel like lately the loading time is increasing, does mangadex use any CDN? like cloudflare for image caching?
ixlone 12 days ago
We just doubled our bandwidth for images like 5 days ago. There's more than enough capacity to go around, especially with Tea's new reader being easier on the servers.

Unless you meant the webserver. In which case it looks like we are getting close to the upper limits of this one, and need to get a more powerful one, or some load balancing in place.

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