Author Doujin association with series Maybe
I just had an idea that i think would be really cool, imagine if when you went to a manga like, say, onepiece, and wanted to find doujins (H or otherwise) that had been uploaded of that series, you could just hit a button that said something like "doujins of" and it would just pull up a series of doujins of that series... I think it could be pretty easily set up by just adding a section to uploading where you input the ID of the main series in question, and then it could just query for those that referenced that id in that column. IDK, it just seems like a cool function. Similarly a "spinoff" button i think would be "cooler" than just pasting links in the description (especially since some series have a ton of spinoffs lol)

I mean its not exactly a priority so dw about it too much xD
@banjomarx Is the current relations setup what you don't like?
Currently, this is how entries (whether the main or the related entry) store relations.

displayed below

Relations should be used, but I think there are a few series with so many relations, the links were given in the description. I can't remember examples off the top of my head.
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The main problem, as previously alluded to, is that using related manga links for doujinshi doesn't scale well.

For a sense of scale, over on Dynasty Reader, there are over 2300 Touhou doujinshi and over 400 Puella Magi Madoka Magica doujinshi. Although most likely only a tinysubset of that will ever be reuploaded here, that will still be a pretty significant number. (For more scale: Comiket 92 fandom distribution statistics.) For just a taste of how unwieldly this can become, see the related manga section for the Haruhi manga. Already getting a bit long there. ? For this reason, I think there is value in treating doujinshi as a special case.

It seems that as of now, most of the doujinshi already uploaded do not have a relation back to their parent work, which is good for now, because adding these relations for every doujinshi would just make the description sections on the source works just absurdly long. Many of the doujinshi uploaded here seem to follow a naming convention of "<fandom name> - <doujinshi name> (Doujinshi)" (not sure if this is documented anywhere), so it makes searching for doujinshi fairly simple, at least. But it's not perfect, because stray works from other series may get mixed in, and some uploads don't follow this naming convention.

So yeah, having doujin association with series would be a neat feature.

But I can see some tripping points. For example, series such Touhou and Kantai don't have an obvious central "start here" manga entry since the primary source material is in a different medium (sorry, no obvious volume 1). One possible solution may be to use the placeholder manga page solution that has been brought up before, but that seems sort of hack-ish. It would be fairly simple to implement, though.

Just some of my thoughts.
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relation to doujinshi could be an one way only relation, on the doujinshi you would see it's original work, but on the the original work you wouldn't see all the doujinshis it has
or a link to a page that shows all doujinshi related to a series instead of a link to every single doujinshi
Or maybe add a "Main Series" or "Main Work" line that pops up if something is tagged "doujinshi"? That way you can do the following searches:

- Works tagged "doujinshi" with "Main Series" of "Touhou"
- Works tagged "doujinshi" with "Main Series" of "Original" (for original dj like Philosophia)
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