Author Class Teni de Ore dake Haburaretara, Doukyuu Harem Tsukuru Koto ni Shita
10/10 pls give me more chapters!
Trash séries are always better than "comedy" ones
Nahhhh. He would be alpha if he got the girls by his own merit.
But here, the MC is just a rapist that uses his skill to force girls to be his sex slaves. No different than that creepy dude that drugs girls at the club.
So the MC, without a doubt, is omega. Because so far he doesn't have any redeeming trait that could be attractive to girls, and it seems that using his skills is the only way he could ever get laid.
-Well then, that's something right there. Reminds me of the geass, but more lewd.....stronger. Although, here's to hoping he has some progression, not staying a wimp all throughout with constant complaints. It's possible to dominate the strong, not for your lewd purposes, but for the strong women to support and protect you. Be it a mage, monk, knight, assassin. The possibilities seem endless when it comes to what he'd be able to do with making any women bend to his will, heck...elves, those of the beast race, demons, and w/e else may exist.
Lmao at all the people in these comments calling an actual rapist MC "alpha". If you have to forcefully remove the will of another to get them to have sex with you I don't see how you aren't the exact antithesis of anything alpha.
Well if the demon king is woman
He practically won the whole game
Pleaae more
This is interesting
>"MC is alpha male"

But in actuality he's a rapist with no redeeming qualities of an alpha male, not even a Chad.

Dude, this story was nothing but wishfulfillment with author and artist have inferiority complex disguised in superiority complex.
Sex fantasy kek
oh they make a manga on this series.
Its a r-18 series so there would be more sex coming next chapters.
there is a visual novel on this series, go to for more hcg
This is a good plot... for adult game that is. kukukuku
@mismarca @ak0ztik

...that's available on Nyaa: NSFW (from 2017), and also on exhentai for download.

Just saying...
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the neck proportions on some of the characters make them look like downy giraffes
oh boy.... followed
This manga is literally made for incels. If you dont think this is rape, you are delusional and potentially an actual rapist in the making
Oh that's true, you can't just have sex with someone without consent.
And last time I check you can't have people consent if they're under the influence of something, in this case it's "skill" I guess(?).
Once more into the breach
I study again hell’s reach
Once more, I soldier on
In world of morals long gone

Edit: Holy hell, lewds as soon as you get to page 2...
There is no hope for weebdom...
Memetic degeneration is real...
We cannot save the corrupted from themselves...
*faps furiously*

and that's just ch1.
Fellow researchers, we have been given a new research material all for the sake of science. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
@mommunism I’m implying that review bombing this after one chapter just because it’s of a festish that is significantly more niche than other garbage “wish fulfillment” is hypocritical when the other aspects of it are just as trashy as the “””rape””” and yet have significantly more chapters/readers and praise. It’s a knee jerk reaction that I’ve seen in other places where the (annoyingly) common sexual assault/harassment scene shows up in an “””average””” series and then all of a sudden the comments that maybe average a dozen or so a chapter jump up to multiple dozens of comments and usually a number of “deranks” from people. Disregarding the fact that I I think rating something after *one* chapter is absurdly short sighted and immature, I still defer to my previous statement of this no more garbage than tens if not hundreds of other Isekais i -and many others- have come across, but simply due it being a more niche fetish than “normal”, it’s getting a shitstorm around it.

I’m not implying that an author “throws a dart a board” for a fetish. I am, however, implying that “fetishes” are not all equal in popularity and certainly not in “acceptability” (obviously) and thus that this manga is not being judged entirely on its own merits and instead by people who see a single chapter (yes, I’ve read the description and don’t expect it to get better) and then are somehow taken aback that the shitty premise presented in the synopsis comes to fruition.

I don’t particularly feel like filling the rest of these comments with the arguments I’ve seen on various NSFW Reddit’s and discord’s(and hentai sites) about “rape” in anime/manga and where “consent” ends in relation to fantasircsl/fictional elements, but *this*, to me, is not rape. Contextually it’s VERY technically consensual (I’m not an idiot, but stupid magic is stupid magic) and even out of context there’s plenty of examples of things like this happening -usually in NSFW material- which is very similar and still concludes in what many would refer to as a “””vanilla””” ending. The guy isn’t forcing himself on her, she isn’t resisting in any form, and she’s clearly enjoying it.

I understand that’s all due to “magic” and the arugemnt that’s always made is that she wouldn’t sleep with the person otherwise, which I honestly tend to agree with. But due to this being manga and not flat out hentai, the guy is not portrayed as “evil” (yet) and the girl is even portrayed as (seemingly?) the only character who somewhat cared about the MC after he was ousted from the group. I’m not implying that’s any form of “consent” or that it even justfies this bullshit story, but frankly it’s a hell of a lot more “consent” than I went into this manga expecting due to the synopsis and title.

If you want a better example of an actually good series getting this type of knee jerk reaction treatment in a different situation but similar result scenario, I recommend looking into the “controversy” that loomed around the anime community after “Shield Hero’s” first episode

If you have any other grievances with my point of view I’d be happy to hear and attempt to address them as I try my hardest to properly convey my opinion to others despite many comments simply replying with single sentences or Insults.
@smoke82 I am not inherently defending this series as much as I am -attempting- to call out people on what I perceive as hypocrisy on the basis of a “knee jerk” reaction rather than purely the manga itself. There has been a single chapter (and frankly I see it getting worse) and while the synopsis only reinforces people’s concerns about it, people review bombing something after a single chapter still comes off as incredibly short-sighted to me.

My problem lies less with people’s personal views on *this* series (though it does annoy me personally) and more with the fact that frankly, in my opinion, the “wish-fulfillment” presentened here is far more “basic” than recycled garbage we see everyday like “I carried a girl who sprained her ankle and now she loves me” or “I discovered a girls ‘secret’ and didn't reveal it immediately ??? So now we’re friends” and plenty of other common things we see (and usually aren't presented well) don’t get *as* much heat as this because were used to them or are more accepting of them.

“I can” is fairly common theme in most of these isekais and this one is significantly worse in its own ways, yes, but “Becaude I can” is presented no worse here than in other series that aren’t as “rapey” and that’s my real problem.

I understand that’s because this is Inherently a niche festih and will not (nor do I particularly think it should) garner more praise. However the concept of “I have a sex superpower and want to use it” is just as much of a wish-fulfillment setting as any other “girl falls in love with guy for doing three things for her and not being an absolute piece of shit of a human being” trope out there, and yet this particular one receives more flak based on its fetishized depiction of said “sex superpower” situation.

Finally, While I obviously agree that having an actual buildup and characterization prior to him using his skill would make this objectively more tolerable. At the end of the day the story is still a revenge story about a guy with a sex-slave skill, the synopsis makes that abundantly clear. Yet even if this was well written and presented, I have no doubt there’d be a shitstorm surrounding it due to the nature or it’s concept, even if it was more “””consensual”””, which is fair enough, you can’t avoid controversy in something like this. However that does not (imo) mean it should be review bombed (I mean 1s ? Come on guys, we all know there’s far worse stuff on this site) Due to its FIRST CHAPTER because of its depection of a more niche -and less accepted- fetish.

P.S there’s nothing wrong with disliking “rape” obviously, but reacting like this to a fetish that’s clearly aimed at someone else, and you may not agree with, seems immature.