Author Chapter 42 (Re:Monster)
Princess b!tch : But look at how "round and plump" this giant c0ck is . Isnt it cute ? I want to play with this giant c0ck .

Page 3 : bakayaROU the b!tch totally destroys the a$$hole of another innocent , virgin girl , and she is only an underage loli . bakayaROU is such a fuking r@pist .

The princess b!tch reminds me of the loli white girl and her 3 black slaves in the hent@i "The Lady , Her Servants , and the Island of Wonder" , lol .

Page 5 : two unlikeable , fugly , glasshole b!tches are giving advices about beauty and love , yeah right . Their "love life" is being $ex slaves for a stinking goblin .

bakayaROU the cockroach made the b!tches wear the clothes with its clones inside , so the clones can freely touch the b!tches's n@ked bodies all the time .
In the previous life , its coworker friends ( WHAT ? This a$$hole bakayaROU had friends ? ) asked a question :
- Why do you always eat the d!cks of all the innocent humans that you kill ?
- Because Im a hungry b!tch and a fuking cannibal . Yo , my "friends" , your d!cks look tasty . Have you done anything bad lately ? If you did , Im afraid I have to punish you for your sins .

Even in a hot spring , the glass-hole goblin mi-b!tch still doesnt take off her fugly , stupid glasses .

The 2 cook b!tches have been captured by bakayaROU the c0ckroach for a few months , and during that time , they didnt get pregnant because bakayaROU is impotent , it shoots blank , lol . And then when the half-lords and the knight brat join their party , they suddenly get pregnant . Guess who is the real fathers ? Lol .

search Berserk Troll Birth with google image for a particular scene in the Berserk manga . That scene shows how human girls give birth to troll/goblin babies , lol .

The princess reminds me of this "special manga" : The Lady , Her Servants , and the Island of Wonder . very bad things will happen to bratty girl who doesnt know her place .
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Can of whoop ass
Ehhh... their belly was normal just one day before right...