Author Otoyomegatari
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Tileke finally meeting an eagle was adorable! :D I still fear a bit for Talas and Mr Smith though...

@DanYHKim In regards to Amira's name, Amira is the feminine version of the Arabic name Amir. Mori writes her name in katakana as "Amiru" which would imply it is meant to be Amir. I think early on the translator assumed it was meant to be Amira, but when the official English release had her name as Amir instead, I think I remember duratrans saying they were going to go with that too. So the tldr is that her name should probably be Amira, but it seems like Mori intended it to be Amir and that's what the official English release uses. I think there is a similar problem with Anis /Anisa too.
Also the Talas thing, her name in Japanese is spelt out "Tarasu" but I think no one's sure what real name that is actually meant to be, so again some more confusion!
Avatar Sakuratea 6 mo ago
Omg. I'm so glad for tarasu and smith. I bless them.
Avatar balenol 5 mo ago

i miss them dearly...
Avatar firefox1234 3 mo ago
If you like this series I definitely recommend you check out Hokuou Kizoku to Moukinzuma no Yukiguni Karigurashi the manga is in its early stages but the WN is completed and fully translated in English.
Avatar ixsaz 3 mo ago
I cried after reading chapter 71, chapter 69 was good but it felt something was missing, now after 71 that feeling is no longer there, so happy for them.

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Avatar Comadrin 3 mo ago
Very happy to see a new chapter of a real favourite of mine. Thanks, Duralumin, for continuing to bring us this great manga. And yes...pleased about the unexpected twist in the Smith/Tarasu arc.
Avatar Bling 3 mo ago
Why thanks Continuity Carl, i didnt remeber very well! But now i do!😎
Avatar sarusa 3 mo ago
This is my only 10/10
Avatar uhuh 3 mo ago
Same here, 10/10.
Avatar Ghaenor 3 mo ago
This clearly is a masterpiece.
There's no other way to describe it. The pacing is top-notch. The story is refreshing to say the least. The art, marvelous.

Each chapter is a delicacy.
Avatar owlette 3 mo ago
for everyone who is enjoying this manga, i really recommend "Emma" by the same author. you'll love it if you like Victorian settings and maids
Avatar uhuh 2 mo ago
@owlette Thanks, the truth is, i'm interested in other works from this author and was planning on checking them.
Avatar Killertut 1 mo ago
tragedy tag incomming :D
Avatar kronix 1 mo ago
good read, just be ready to skip a bunch of shitty arcs that involve nothing of the MCs.

If you skip these trash arcs / chapters then this is an excellent read.
Avatar Comadrin 1 mo ago
Just hope that Mr. Smith's promise to never leave her alone will come true.
Avatar Asriel 1 mo ago
I'm sorry for Karluk and his family but my favorite characters are Mr. "Sniff" and Pariya. It's somehow much more entertaining to watch how they are doing, basically because they seem to be struggling compared to Deus Ex Machina Amir&Karluks Grandmother or in comparison with Anis and her husband.

What's kinda strange is that although they claim to be Muslims, we don't really see much of what we find in the ahadith.
I mean I really enjoy how the author focuses on the tribal culture and community life, but it seems strange that Islam seems to be only a small portion of their life[although we know from the five pillars that in fact Islam influences your daily life big times(especially since eating e.g. hares is "haram" and yet they hunt and eat them)].

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Avatar Twi 9 days ago
How did Mr. Smith lose his pocket watch?
Avatar leolynx 4 days ago
@Twi he tossed it