Author Minor update: External links are now categorised
Holo OP
Holo OP
Small update: external links are now categorised into "Official", "Retail" and "Information".

We have done this because adding any more links would make the list hard to read.

Yes, AnimePlanet, Kitsu and Anilist will be added. If you have any suggestions for other sites to be added, do post below.


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Looks cool. More organization is always nice.

So I guess this one can be crossed off the list:
- #52708: Make the "Official English" link stand out more

Suggestion threads relating to more external links:
- #5101/63988: More external links e.g. Anilist, Kitsu and Anime-Planet
- #5101/66641: Add ebookjapan links
- #5715: Links to official releases in other languages (e.g. "Français officiel")
- #5892: Ability to add links to other outside databases.
- #10633: Custom manga external link names (e.g. Official French URL, AniList)
- #12979: Add VNDB link
- #12453: Add additional buy source (e.g. EbookJapan, nico e-book, bookwalker, honto e-books)
- #25566: Add link on Manga Page
- #28959: AnimeNewsNetwork
- #29055: links to Anilist
- #34366: Anilist
- #36603: External Links (AnimeNewsNetwork, The Doujinshi & Manga Lexicon)
- #57993: Include Anilist, Kitsu, Anime-Planet and AniSearch in the link options
- #60929: Add raw novel and author's twitter to possible links in a manga's description?
- #61720: External links to author(s) and artist(s) twitter
- #64102: (and potentially other Amazon countries) links + better organization needed
- #64936: Anilist links?
- #74178: Import/Export MDList (.xml) for MyAnimeList, Anime-Planet, AniList, etc...
- #74260: Why aren't there anilist links on Manga pages?
What about TV Tropes? As an example Girls Und Panzer or Magic Kaito.

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Awesome. Being the neat-freak that I am, this satisfies my OCD.

Would also be nice if there were options for multiple raw sources, since there's often more than 1 official source. Although anything more than 2 sources might be excessive, imo.
That's useful. Thanks.

I'll second the suggestion to add TV Tropes.
Nice QoL update. Note noticeable for most, but it certainly keeps things organized and looking quite clean. Thanks! :)
Great news, but a necessary remark on tvtropes:
that worthless cesspit of a site shouldn't exist in the first place, let alone linking it here.
what's wrong with tvtropes? I haven't been there much, but it seems fine.

though personally, i agree it isn't very relevant and shouldn't warrant its own links.
Is the DDOS Migitation over? Because sometimes I get that message and obviously when I'm not logged in.
Holo OP
Holo OP
DDoS mitigation is switched off during off peak hours (morning to early afternoon UTC)
Excellent work. This will makes things so much easier.
Thanks for your work on all the improvements to the site!

I also don't think a tvtropes link is needed since it's more of a personal interest thing rather than an information or utility site like the rest.

Not sure what's so terrible about a hobby site for literature analysis though.
For official links what about having say “free” to the side if the link is free or something. Especially for official English, it’s not often but it’s nice to know we could still read something when scanlations stop. Usually I completely ignore it and drop something when it’s licensed, but by chance I clicked on the link on here
and was pleasantly surprised to find it all free to read.
Would adding an option to hide all/some of them be too much work?