Author Help Me, Baby Jesus! Pages out-of Order!
The pages in the English-language translation of Chapter 11 of Girlish Sweet are out of order. The uploader account has not been on-line in about 11 months.

Even setting aside coherence of the story, note that the seventh image has a page number of “157”, the ninth of “159”, the tenth of “160”, the thirteenth is marked “Fin”, but the sixteenth has the chapter title (“1/3 July”), the eighteenth is “147”, the nineteenth is “148”.

The best attempted correction would consult the original printed version, and the next best attempt would check a reliable set of raws. But there is a newly uploaded French translation, which seems to have the pages in proper order.

Based upon that French translation, I think that the proper correction would
    take present pages 16 to 22 and make these pages 3 to 9,
    then take present pages 3 to 15 and make these pages 10 to 22.
(That reordering would leave pages 1, 2, and 23 in their present positions.)
@Oeconomist Try tagging some staff members,
Lymus could be the most suited one.

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Thanks. I've now tagged Lymus in comments to the manga.
We also have a report button both in chapters and on the manga page wich can be used for such things.
@Oeconomist He came, he saw, he fixed it :D