Author Manga with a Strong Female Lead !!
we stan women who are courageous and independent ;)
@yammyteh Stan?
Well.. character wise, this one might interest you:
Koushaku Reijou no Tashinami
Strong female charater
Kumo desu ga
Kino no tabi
Majo no tabi
You might try: Outlanders for a sci-fi themed action/romance tale.
From my list. Unless stated otherwise, everything has 8+⭐️ and a good amount of content to get you into it (determined by feel bc chapters cnt is useless when page counts vary between works)

Mentally strong romance

Koushaku Reijou no Tashinami
ABCsOfLife's rec +1

Queen with a Scalpel
has official English translations which are not posted to MD

The Reason Why Raeliana Ended up at the Duke's Mansion
has official English translations which are not posted to MD

Maid kara Haha ni Narimashita

I Also recommend Miss Not-so-sidekick which does not have a page on MD. If you read it, make it to ch2 before judging. Its a comedy with hints of romance (definitely not a rom-com though. Romance is the comedy for our MC who thinks she is in the spectator seat). I am not sure I would call her strong and independent. Financially she is well off... she is more than capable of handling most potential enemies except the male leads.... huh, maybe she does fit.....


Girls' Last Tour

Kino's Journey (Shiomiya)
Ucluk4's rec +1 (I watched both anime adaptions)


but with a resolve that is scary as hell. Romance.

Isekai level strong

because god sucks at power distribution. These girls are true monsters

Maou-jou de Oyasumi

Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka?
Fearsomely strong will to live, becomes Isekai level strong over time. Ucluk's rec +1

Goblin Is Very Strong
only 7⭐️

Saving 80,000 Gold Coins in the Different World for My Old Age
Isekai goddess that becomes courageous over time. only 7⭐️

Potion danomi de Ikinobimasu!
only 7⭐️ (same author as above. if you liked/disliked one than the same is likely true for the other)


I sure hope this is not what you meant by "strong and independent". These are the scariest girls that could possibly exist IRL.

Happy Sugar Life
only 7⭐️ (could swear it had a solid 8 b4 the anime adaption)

Neither Coragous Nor Independent

But still pretty strong will

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Here's some:

Not really your average female lead, shes extremely depraved in her thinking and actions but I haven't seen any characters like her, very unique.

The lead is Claire, a stoic woman who's apart of an organization that kills monsters, shes also on a quest for personal vengeance.

There's a lot of strong female leads in this one, story is focused on a place called Beacon where students are trained to fight against monsters.
(There are two different manga's of RWBY, both done by different authors. They both have the same story but the second one seems to be the one that's going to be the ''main one'' as the first one is already finished. No one has uploaded any chapters of the second one so you'll have to wait and read the first one for now I guess.)

The female lead in this manga is a mass murderer that has been hired by the Japanese Police Force to kill other mass murderers.
(I wouldn't say she's a courageous female lead but she's strong and independent. Also fair warning this manga has gore and other adult themes.)

Song of the Lost March
Story is about a princess who is forced to leave her castle after her family is killed, then fakes being a boy and becomes a military strategist and hopes to get revenge on the people who killed her family.
(This one is seriously amazing in every aspect, especially the art it's absolutely divine.)
( This one isn't a manga, it's a manhua but it's an amazing read. Unfortunately it's stuck on a indefinite hiatus)

Set in the Renaissance era, the female lead in this one wishes to become a artist however she is a girl who's born into a noble family and in those days, being an artist was a male profession.

Aoi Horus no Hitomi: Dansou no Joou no Monogatari
This one is focused on based on Cleopatra, the Egyptian Pharaoh and her rise to power. Haven't read this one much but it seems interesting and has a strong female lead.

Hibiki: Shousetsuka ni Naru Houhou
Story is centered around Hibiki, a very odd schoolgirl who has a talent for literature.
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I can't believe no one said one of the mist obvious choice :
Akatsuki no Yona

Claymore was already mentioned here, so i will add The Arms Peddler
Maou-jou de Oyasumi

Does it really count as a strong female lead if all she does is chaos? XD

Love that manga.
My 2016 list:

The recent otome shoujo breakout may mean that I'll need to come up with a 2019 list in the coming weeks or so. :D