Author Chapter 18 (Danberu Nan Kiro Moteru?)
When her name was first shown, her first name was mostly concealed, so it just said "A VOID".

I'm disappointed in myself. It took me this long to realize "MACHIO" is an obvious allusion to "MACHO".
Russian huh
page 3 , last panel :

the paper on the left has the names of male contestants , with japanese names and foreign names .
the paper on the right has the names of 2 girls : zina void and hibiki .
Опять эта клюква. Ура, хорошо и приветик. Ооооо да.
Didn't expect to see a russian here.
There is no last name "void" in russian. English, yes. Name Zina exists. Shamefully, not popular nowadays.
Kremlin west high school, lol.
These questions on a date. About japan, food...I thought some time before understood.
It's hard when you don't have a ticket back.

We kancolle now?
I completely understand weighing the priorities between functional space and cool gear in my bedroom. Cool gear wins almost every time though.🧐