Author Your Fave Visual Novel/Dating Sim?
For me, it's probably a dead heat between YU-NO: A Girl Who Chants Love at the Bound of this World, and Highway Blossoms. YU-NO had elements of an adventure game rolled into it, and the whole "parallel dimensions" mechanic was really fascinating to interact with, and even if it got a little confusing or frustrating at times, I don't think I'd ever been so engrossed in a visual novel before, and I've played a good number of them. Highway Blossoms, on the other hand, while being a kinetic novel, was just really cozy, and a satisfying read. Even the dramatic moments still felt very down-to-earth and relatable.

An honorable mention for me would be Fate/Stay Night, but I imagine I don't have to explain that any further here.
I'm in favor of Indie Titles, and Lovepotion Sixtynine still holds my all time record in Favoritism. It just had a bit of everything I liked.
Umineko no Naku Koro ni is for sure my favorite visual novel, for presumably obvious reasons. Kindred Spirits on the Roof (a yuri visual novel) is at a close second.
Clannad, followed by Fate/stay night and SubaHibi. Although I read F/SN several years ago (while I read the other two just last year), so I'm not sure if I'd still like it as much. Really should re-read it some time, with the other stuff on my plate (just started Muv-Luv Alternative, own several other VNs I haven't read that and also want to re-read Little Busters first), that's probably not going to happen anytime soon.

It's a shame, SubaHibi sold so badly. Especially since I'd like to read Sakura no Uta, but with SubaHibi flopping, it's unlikely Frontwing (or any other publisher) is going to try releasing another SCA-JI VN.

I also read good things about Clannad, but then again, people do lie, so I'll probably pass on that.

One really shouldn't use a flowchart of Clannad. A normal walkthrough is much better (read: actually possible to use).
For me it's Tsukihime and Katawa Shoujo. It isn't the most original of choices sorry bout that hahaha.

I like the overall feel of Tsukihime. I honestly think it's better than Fate in terms of characters and atmosphere. Akiha (Best grill fite me), Hisui and Kohaku most notably are the more interesting characters, Their routes are great too. But for me the selling point is just the fact that you're just so immersed into the world while you're reading it, the writing might go ham at times (Shiki and that chair just lol), but you really feel the tension and serenity of the scenes that take place at night. The best scenes for me weren't the endings (Though distant reed warbler was such a chilling ending) or the action scenes, but those moments where Shiki just walks around the city at night, just embracing the silence with the moon on the backdrop. Truly it's called Tsukihime for a reason :)

Edit: also i like tsukihime's music.

Katawa Shoujo, to be perfectly honest about it, I love it because Lilly exists, nuff said.

Fair warning though, im not really a vn fan so i only read a few titles haha

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I mostly enjoy the novels of the "moege" variety, examples are: sabbat of the witch, fureraba, if my heart had wings, newton and the apple tree, saku saku, dracuriot.

While I consider the best vn's to be: Rewrite and The Fruit of Grisaia series.
I have only finished Euphoria and Saya no Uta, but if I need to choose the better one, I choose Saya no Uta by a looooong shot.

I'm still playing Swan Song, only near the beginning and I already like it!
Discovered Embric of Wulfhammer's Castle by accident. Not technically a vn (a "sprite opera" made via RPG maker), but since about 97% of content is dialogue, might as well be considered one.

For a freeware porny lesbian dating sim that doesn't treat itself seriously and takes piss at about every theme, trope or motif it features, and is also very insistent on stimulating player's lower instincts (if the duchess can get naked, she will ; if she can experience transient adult relation with a person, she will take that opportunity), it has surprising amount of character development and "plot stuff".
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I has a sad. No one mentioned Demonbane or Dies irae for MAXIMUM CHUUNI.

Fate/stay night(specifically Heaven's Feel route) has been part of my childhood back in 07-09 when Mirror moon was translating it. This would also lead me to Turkeyhan- Tsukihime and I liked both curryshit and Arc. Later down the road I would change to Sion Eltnam and Aoko in Melty Blood.

For my real favorite VN despite being a fatefag would be Sou akki Muramasa by Nitro+. To this day it hasn't been "officially" translated because of the archaic style of writing (top to bottom-right to left which affected the dialogue boxes VERY MUCH). As such, even JAST didn't translate it. You can youtube the entire game by people who dedicated themselves to playing and translating the game. Or course, being an R-18 VN, those scenes are out/censored.

Some honorable mentions would be: Chaos:Head, Steins:Gate, Ever 17, G-senjou no Maou, Danganronpa series, Love at First Sight, Teaching Feeling, and Phoenix Wright

Special mention to 428: Shibuya Scramble.

@toru_okada I challenge you. THIS CHAIR.
Realta Nua got an upgrade. Most changes are cosmetic, but the addition of ps2 soundtrack, the ability to view affection points and endings on demand, retaining starter screens after finishing every route, as well as new cg gallery presentation are quite nice.

List of new additions/changes if you care.
@E-kun this chair is an eyesore.

oh man how could i forget about danganronpa, that shit was awesome
it's not a dating sim but Umineko is an amazing vn, probably the best one I've ever played
Steins gate, yosuga no sora, clannad, da capo.

All of it has a great music. Love it. And the story... Damn good. Clannad make me cry :'(
Katawa Shoujo hands down. It blew my mind when I found out that it was actually fanmade.
I'll always have a soft spot for AliceSoft's Rance series, mostly for always doing a great job at keeping the "game" in "ero-game", and keeping it up for so long. Rance 6 has nothing to envy from other, big name RPGs, for instance. That being said, while they're all clever, well-written games, I think it's also unfair to compare them to most VNs because of it. It would be like saying Fate/Extra is your favorite VN in that franchise.

With that out of the way, I'd say the first Muv-Luv is probably my favorite proper VN, with an honorable mention to The Forest and Song of Saya.
Uhhhh all of them??
I'd have to say Katawa Shoujo, granted I haven't played many but I still love it to bits.
There are many Visual Novel games out there.
Yuzusoft game are great(I especially like Sanoba Witch)
PurpleSoftware games are great. (I especially like Hapymaher)
Studio Ryokucha is also great( i especially like Southern cross love song and shukufuku no kane)
Marmalade is also great ( I like PrimalxHearts)
Frontwing is great sometimes there are games that are not good
ToHeart2 is also great
Fureraba is also great
Daitoshokan is great(VN version of the anime)
and many more..
I can't really rank them since they have different stories, different settings and lastly I enjoyed all of them...
I have a back log of games to play because of this thread LMAO some great reccs y'all!

I want to add Monster Prom, Arcade Spirit, and the upcoming Love Shore dating sims to the list for people to check out. Love Shore isn't out yet but has a demo and is looking to be really beautiful, hella gay, and super sexy. Arcade Spirit especially is inclusive with romantic and platonic good endings, which is a refreshing change as relationship sims go. As for Monster Prom, woflboy is best boy <3 but the millennial in me is also sorta partial to the nihilistic ennui that is Polly.