Author Chapter 52 (Dungeon Meshi)

Izutsumi went full cat.
dammit @SmallTinyNeedles you saying it jinxed it! now we are going to get flooded with vore stories. i hope you are happy!
I’m actually expecting one of these new elf’ to turn out to be a family member of marcille and she the black sheep of the family so to speak

@Redsaint how ironic would it be if it turns out the dark elf is that very family member, would she be considered "the white sheep of the family" then ? :P
Marcille and Farlyn 😭😭😭 and Izutsumi 🤣 BUT LAIUS 💢💢💢💢
This chapter went morbid really, really fast, then turned comedy one panel later lol. Dungeon meshi never failed to deliver.
The greatness of Kui Ryoko's worldbuilding is such that she gives us a steady drip of hints and asides leading up to all the plot reveals which gives this manga's fictional setting that sheen of reality. It also means Dungeon Meshi is very fun to re-read...

-Post-digestive resurrection is referenced in a jokey panel from the very first chapter (Pg13) where Laius asks Chil and Marcille whether they've ever heard of anyone being resurrected after being turned to poo.
-In Ch19Pg10 the gnome scholar Mr. Tance talks about how in the dungeon "no matter what damage might befall the body, the soul cannot escape". This is backed up by Vol2 Monster Tidbits which tells us that souls which have lost their body become spirits which displace the souls of living people but the captured body eventually decays. Moreover Farlyn say in Ch11Pg8 that even spirits scattered by magic will reform after a while.
-In CH27Pg11 Marcille clarifies that monster souls are not bound to the dungeon only those of humans (a more accurate translation would be people, i.e. humans, dwarves, elves, gnomes, halflings and maybe orcs?).
-Regarding the level of damage a body can take before resurrection is impossible in Ch22 Namari explains to the twins that the chances drop after more than 1/13th of the body is lost but more skilled mages can still resurrect even badly burnt bodies. She also says trying to cure a possessed body might result in the mixing of souls.
-The egg analogies start in Ch41Pg25 and are mentioned again in Ch45Pg21, before being fleshed out further in this chapter.

So the assumption is that the dragons's soul was somehow linked to Farlyn's soul while she was ?partly/completely? digested and resurrected. Thus Farlyn's soul binds the soulmix to the dungeon and dragon's soul gives control of soulmix to the Mad Sorcerer.
Whether digestion is the only way to erase/release souls in the dungeon and the true nature of the soulmix(Bacon & eggs/emulsion/omelette/double yolked egg/?????) remains to be seen but whatever Kui Ryoko chooses it's sure to be well thought out, free of plotholes and delicious!
Oh how I love this manga so much

There's also a ton of foreshadowing who will be the ruler of the kingdom and what will be done with it.
I want to eat your sister as well
@ElBichoRaro :
more like trait of cat ...
if cat get surprised then their fluff become more fluffy ...
(mainly at their tail)
Elves piss me off.
Around elves, watch yourselves.
@o8o this was a rly good refresher of all the info we've been given on souls, thank u!
the idea that farlyn's souls has been mixed with the dragon's soul because he ate her is scary, but not knowing what will happen when the others eat her is Scarier.. i'm still so excited to see what ryoko kui will come up with and what the elves and kabru will do.. aaah!!
T_T why are my eyes so sweaty...
Ah! Yes, Kabru, the noted monster eating enthusiast
> sees title
> bacon and egg
> after reading it
with a pinch of tears ;___;
cover page , from top to bottom :
- laios and falin are eating alone .
- marcille and her "friends" are eating at the magical academy . note their black robe uniform .
- chic chac and his family .
- senshi is eating alone .
- in japan , cat girl is giving her onion to oni girl . note the amount of rice in their bowls .

page 7 , i guess you can say : farlyn "dropped out" of her school , literally , lol . she dropped out and dropped down to her brother 's arms .

in the lower panel :
- the black-hair hobbit was in laios 's gold stripping party , and he introduced chic chac to laios .
- i guess marcille also dropped out of school to go find farlin , and then she confronted laios : you kidnapper , you rap!st . who are you and how dare you kidnap MY lovely farlin ?
- i dont remember who is the smiling girl with red , long hair .

page 11 , laios says : "im sure we will be eating WITH her in no time ." . is there a pun in this line ? lol .

"We can BEAT and DEFEAT all the obstacles in our way . and we can EAT all the obstacles too." . lol , pun .
- step 1 : free the winged lion , and then eat it to gain unlimited powers .
- step 2 : beat the mad magician , and then eat him too .
- step 3 : eat farlin 's meat to destroy the dragon 's soul completely .

last page , here is my theory : i guess the leader elf is also a half-blood elf just like marcille , so she trimmed off the round tip of her ears to hide this fact . full-blood elf-s have sharp ear-tips .
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Page 8 seasons panel really bringing the hurt. Why must Farlyn suffer so.