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Suggestion then? What about a rule about nasty comments regarding said dual releases. I’ve seen some bad ones across many series on th site here.

Sure they don’t cross lines, but after someone says it once or twice, do they need to repeat on every chapter a hundred times?
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I'm personally against that. The amount of moderation that we do is quite enough already. Part of being a scanlator who chooses to work on a series that has already been released means that you will potentially be dealing with people who won't appreciate your work, even if it is superior in quality.

I think said groups should just ignore the noise and move on. Ultimately, the users who take the time to comment are in the minority compared to those who read and enjoy the releases silently.

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@DrElise I think it was a joke since banned users have black usernames but lol

I know what you mean, but that's censorship.

Even if it's annoying, we need to preserve free speech so other people can bring attention to translation groups doing things that are bad for the translation community or readers as a whole.

(Like that time a translation group tried to get donations for work that wasn't theirs. Or imposter groups pretending to be groups that have Ceased and DESISTED releasing due to legal reasons.)
@bioboy NovelUpdates only has rules regarding what is indexed on the site. They have no say in what translators do. They also do not host the works on their site like mangadex does.
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why not i just go to their site and copy them and get some edit and upload as anon in 4chan and then upload here so they will never think to delaying chapter again?

Just to comment on this: if you mean what's stopping anyone from downloading some locked group's delayed chapter from their site and then uploading it here under a different group, the answer is getting banned for circumventing rule 2.3. If you mean doing that by making edits to the chapter in order to claim it's a legit different release, the differences have to be significant enough to convince MD staff as per rule 2.3.2.
I always support more groups working on the same title, because if a group go on hiatus or drop the other ones can continue it, so the more the better. 😎

From the years i worked on fansubs i never cared what other groups did, if you like a serie and you feel to translate it just do it, fansub like scanlation is a free time hobby you have for passion, because you love manga or anime, is not a race so you shouldn't care what other people do. Imo.

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I am a huge fan of "sniping"; in most cases I think what people call sniping should be done more often. I am really bloody sick of decent series being abandoned and never completed because some confluence of douchebags and ridiculous "standards of etiquette" means that a series is monopolized, stagnated, and finally killed off because by the time other groups are "allowed" (fucking hell I hate that word in this context) to scanlate it it's too damn late. Usually because no good raws can be found anymore.

On a more general note, I'm highly contemptuous of the frequently mindbogglingly stupid shit used as justification to destroy scanlators. I forget exactly what flavor of weasel-speaking fuckery was used to do it, but I'm still salty over Don's Adventure in Another World being shut down, such that the only scanlations that can be found are shitty machine translations by lazy-ass rat bastards who can't even be bothered to keep chapters in order.

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