Author A Taste of Love
was i the only one that thought she was gonna be a goddess or something and he a demon damn u I am super disappointed right now
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@Aflowerlove250 that was what I was hoping for 🙃
@Paulthetic: It might just be me but manhua in general seem to frequently have a lot of stuff in supposedly female-demographic stuff (going much deeper than character designs) that seem remarkably like they're from what we would consider an unhealthy male mindset, and/or are quite degrading towards women.

To the extent that that's true, though, I honestly have no idea what the underlying reason is. (I mean, I'm inclined to think it's because China's sexism runs horrifically deep to the point where it's hard to set it aside even in fiction ostensibly written for women, since I'm aware things are quite bad on that front there in other realms, but I don't understand the situation well enough to actually declare that that's what's going on here.)

Edit: Ignore everything I said above, I just hadn't read far enough to properly get to what the OP was talking about.

Yeah this one is just really weird. Artstyle tends to the Boichi-esque, zero percent hot guys on display, and 100% lovingly-shaded boob shots with the occasional girls-in-a-bath scene...? (I have yet to see the romantic interest depicted attractively like he is on the cover, I swear he's just a blob). I'm genuinely dubious about the demographic tag, though one never knows, but... "The protagonist is female and loves cooking" is about as female-demographic-y as this gets, it's a terribly poor showing.

(Like I suppose you could almost convince me that this theoretically-but-probably-not-actually could have been written by an enthusiastic and slightly crass lesbian author, to be read by other lesbians... except that surely no self-respecting thirsty lesbian would have written in this male lead? He would be distinctly reviled, I feel. Much more plausibly, it could have been written by a guy and reviewed by male editors who went, "It is pink and there is cooking. GOOD! It is clearly for woo-mans. TO PRINT!")
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Before starting reading, can I have some spoilers?
Can someone explain to me the tag "love triangle" on this?
Is there a 2nd ML and how deep its developed ?
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@-_-Luna Ok thanks, I will pass then. I avoid love triangles and 2nd MLs like a frecking plague!
I came here because the cover art was really beautiful but - to be honest, this story was really cliché and the dialogue was cringy. I feel like not everything was really "resolved", and the emotions aren't portrayed very much. Like near the end, other than the mention that the FL was sad, I barely felt that the FL genuinely "missed" the ML. I feel like if it were shounen and told from the ML's perspective it would be more interesting.