Author Chapter 20 (Takarakuji de 40 oku Atatta ndakedo Isekai ni Ijuu Suru)
i give zero fucks about your morals and laws when you're in a completely different world. When in Rome, Do as the Romans Do... PERIOD

seriously we used to become "adults" back in the teens in medieval times, or some shit like that.
habits die hard, @kronix, habits die hard. those morals and such are also in place to protect potentially underdeveloped bodies.

But you do you, my man.

Except the marriage age between peasants back then were between 14-22 (or maybe 23, I forgot the content of the article). So making her 20 is pretty much telling people that she's about to become old maid. If she is smart, caring and pretty, there is no reason for her to still be single at 20 years old. Especially considering that they have just gone through a war and everyone would want to make babies now to replenish the population. This probably wouldn't matter as much if only men go to war, but considering that both men and women are conscripted equally, both genders equally receive the same duty to procreate.
...Because in old times and fantasy worlds based on such eras, women getting married in teens were the norm, and getting married after 20 was weird? I like a complete adult cast of characters better than the tacky teenagers saving the world and adults are useless settings, but c'mon.

「It's just my opinion to be completely honest with you. If I right now got teleported to a completely different world where people get married in their teens and life expectancy is in the 40s 50s then fuck it dude who am I to tell this entire different culture how to run their life? 」

gime gime that wife yo
@kronix @givermersspls

I just now realized in this chapter that Valetta was 15. I thought she was in her 20s already based on her depiction. Anyways, I agree with Kronix. It's another world, fucking go for it. He doesn't have to knock her up right away, so the fact that she's only 15 shouldn't make any difference at all.

I don't understand why it's "acceptable" in society for a 15-year-old to potentially get pregnant fucking another 15-year-old who is likely jobless, doesn't have an education, and likely has no desire for long-term commitment, but it's unacceptable for that same 15-year-old -- even after she's already become sexually active -- to enter into a relationship with a grown man that has an education, that can be financially responsible, more likely to be responsible about birth control etc, and is seeking a long-term relationship.

I understand that we want to make sure teenagers aren't being taken advantage of. But blanket prohibition doesn't seem to be the way to do that, and however you slice it, it seems more likely to be detrimental for a teen to fuck another teen rather than an adult.

It's like Dave Chappelle says in his famous skit: It's time for society to decide, "How old is 15 really?"
god bless the no bullshit friends in any story that involve romance
Eh, the author could well have done away with the normalcy of marriage for people "14-22". Basing your fantasy world around the past does not mean you must adhere to it completely. She could have easily been made like 18 where marriage was common for 16-25 range. This just feels like really weak justification.

How then will I continue to read this? To continue enjoying stories with questionable elements, I mentally alter how I remember the story. Based on Zerconia(autocorrect suggests "Colonizer"), we can see that the people of this world are affected significantly differently from the effects of aging. From this, we can convince ourselves that, perhaps, their brains mature earlier and they physically age much slower. Changing the biology along with the social functions that inform our understanding of childhood, we functionally change the character's effective age. In this way, Valetta goes back to being the adult I thought she was to begin with. Obviously, the author shouldn't put us in this situation to begin with, but I want to continue enjoying the work.
@mugfugginbigboi:[...], like just make her 20 for fucks sake

I don't care if it's unrealistic, that she isn't married at the age of 20, because it's a medieval style society. Than she is a late bloomer and turned guys down. It's not like, that in a story of a world, where spinach of earth gives them superpowers like Popeye, this would be the most unlikely thing.

Of course it might happen, that in a medieval society parents try to use their, by our standards underaged, daughters in that kind of manner and if it's normal for girls in that age to seek a husband, to do so. But that doesn't mean, that every MC or reader has to concur and it feels like the author tries hard to create a scenario, in which he butters up with a crowd of certain outlooks. "The FMC has to be a virgin, no matter what or I won't read this manga."
Daww so cute..

Also wth is with these guys being upset over the age? Just let the story take its course. Its not like this is Kodomo no Jikan or anything and if you don't like the dynamic just stop reading.

Her age in the end only means she may have to wait a few years before anything sexy or serious happens. Love can bloom just fine. Im not to only one who liked someone when they were this age and hooked up with them 5+ years later am i? He's only 25 so its just a 10 year gap. Thats basically nothing. She would probably outlive him either way by eating "god food".

I mean my point is sure you could change it to make things easier for them to hook up, but why would you? Thats a different story, not a flaw. A flaw is when a character won't bang his harem without condoms and never asks if contraception even exists in this new world. Thats a specific "we don't want actual sex to happen with the mc" trope. The kind that means the MC won't get so much as a damn blowjob.
Just go for her mc, and stop thinking about reality. You need a family there before the gate will inevitably "close". :D
We didn't even need to look that far into the past.
Just a mere 10 years ago, In my place it's still rather common for girl to marry after graduating from middle school (15) if they didn't want to continue into highs school.
I'm even visiting some of them when they have a baby.
I just wanna point out that in THEIR WORLD even the girls MOTHER is trying to force her daughter to the MC, and even the DAUGHTER herself talks about marriage and she is like 14 years old.

just remember fam our laws and morals means shit when you get isekai'd to a completely different society
I’m starting to believe more and more that people are self inserting so badly, they get outraged when things don’t pander specifically to them or their demographic. This is isekai farming and country improvement, not a fanservice driven one. C’mon, people. The MC doesn’t even have a god complex or anything. He still believes himself to entirely be a Japanese citizen, and holds himself to that standard. The opposite, would be like an American that goes abroad to 3rd world countries specifically to use or take advantage of the laws (or lack thereof) that allow the prostitution of minors or other unsavory stuff. You may hate it, but it’s a show of character for better or worse.

Also, that reference. God that MC is insufferable.
I'm still wondering that he only won 4 Billion yet. As the story goes... it feels like MC has already spend more than that.
@Talismaster oh boy if you think this is not going to go there :D it's only a matter of time
Essential oils lmao
@Talismaster, @Aichan. Guys she is like the chief's daughter meaning there are many reasons for her to be unmarried. But barring even that you know there is a ton of series that do exactly what I'm talking about, isekai or not. The huge age gap thing is probably more of a turn off to western audiences than to Japanese, but whatever it's mostly for depraved otakus. You can't tell me that most of the age gap nonsense these mediums are not fetishizations. It's fucking cringey and disgusting
wonder when this card house will cripple and self destruct. hope it won't just be a happy ending with all the issues our MC is actually creating. dying in the different world seems pretty likely.

Anyways... MangaDex! The only community online where joy of reading manga seems to be accompanied by endless debates about minor plot points!!

@Kronix @Givemersspls @LysandersTreason @SoloSera @Qelix @talismaster @sinisempi @mugfugginbigboi

I'm pro-age gap.

1. Romance would make this more wholesome
2. She's mentally and sexually mature enough to make her own decisions
3. Her friends support her
4. It's consensual

I'm not gonna use "it's in another world so the morales are different!" argument since that's boring, so let's spice it up!

The age of consent is put up to prevent sexual harrasment against minors (source: Wikipedia). Traditionally, the age of consent was "after puberty" (700 BC, Ancient Greece) which then changed to 12 (12th century), then 13 (18th century), then 16 (Offences Against Persons Act 1875) (all in England).

Assuming that this world's political progress is similar to our world, that would set their age of consent at around 12-16.

But what if it's not similar? Surely their morality is lifting that number up and up, isn't it?

Probably. But hey, back in the 700BC people can consent after they pass puberty. I'm pretty sure morales exist in ancient civilizations as well.

So, back to my second point: she's mentally and sexually mature enough to make her own decisions.


MC can just pull out a +4 card and we'll all be alright.
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