Author A new user role of "Contributor" has been implemented following vandalism of Manga pages
Holo OP
Holo OP
Would it be possible to automatically grant edit rights on the titles you've added (just as with chapters)?

Not possible as the database does not record who made the entry initially.
An afterthought:
I strongly reckon that the culprit for this series of editing vandalism may be the one(s) behind
the spam comments and fake accounts that appeared one month ago.
They may have been angry from seeing their spamming efforts rapidly vanishing,
and so they may have tried taking revenge this idiot way.
As an user said here before, petty people with petty motives.
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Hello, I have done a mistake while uploading my own manga, I would appreciate having the contributor role to edit it, thank you in advance.
> Account less then a week old
> Necros a 2+ year old thread
> No uploaded chapters
> Prob no forum posts even
> Wants edit privileges....