Author A new user role of "Contributor" has been implemented following vandalism of Manga pages
Avatar Holo 5 mo ago
Yesterday, some idiot decided that it was a good idea to add the hentai label and random genres to many Manga pages. As a result, the ability to edit Manga pages have been removed from members. It was bound to happen sooner or later... I'm surprised it took 3 months for the first case of vandalism.

As a result, a new user role of "Contributor" has been implemented. This role will restore the ability to edit Manga pages, and will be given out upon request. Your account must be at least 3 days old - this stops trolls from making a new account and immediately requesting the role to vandalise. You can make your request here.

Also, the announcement notification is now directly linked to any new thread posted in this forum!

Important Note: Group Leaders *will* get edit permissions at some point, but we have to weed out all of the Group Leaders of empty groups first. Be patient guys, it's coming! -Zeph

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Avatar Kendama 5 mo ago
Can you make the group leaders Contributors automatically, to make things easier for you? Also, to whom do we make the requests? Any moderator, or do we put the requests here?
Avatar qwuzzy 5 mo ago
Avatar Holo 5 mo ago
I've added the request thread to the OP. Currently I haven't auto promoted group leaders because there are people with empty groups (they made a group just to get the role)
I suppose once those have been purged, group leaders with a significant number of chapters uploaded will get auto promoted.
Avatar SloWolfe 5 mo ago
The fact that it took 3 months for a troll to appear is quite admirable. I honestly expected something to happen a lot sooner with how easy edits could be made.
Avatar MissMystery94 5 mo ago
?? ?
Avatar u2cyute 5 mo ago
Guess people got too much time on their hands again smh.
Avatar sudzzuds 5 mo ago
People have too much time, and too dark a heart - gotta love seeing the misery of others instead.

Wait, did I just describe society in a nutshell? (I hope not)
Avatar RiceKirby 5 mo ago
Suggestion: Allow any member to propose changes to a manga's information, but only Contributors can approve and effectively apply them.
Would need some extra coding (and even some page to list proposed changes), but in my opinion it would a better system since more people can keep contributing without needing to rely on contributors and while still keeping vandalism under control.
Avatar rtwpsom2 5 mo ago
How do we request? Normal email/discord or is there gonna be a specific process?
Avatar Pokari 5 mo ago
It's an unsolicited opinion, but I'm a little dubious about this--the tags have been noticeably more 'off' (usually obvious missing tags) on since after the removal of global editing. Were the people doing this so widespread or persistent that a couple bans wouldn't solve the problem? Batoto seemed to only occasionally have spurts of problems with its open-editing feature, though I might have missed something going on behind the scenes.

Well, I suppose time will tell how an opt-in contributor system works out... Maybe it won't hinder the crowd-sourcing effect as much as I'm thinking it will.

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Avatar FireCrypt 5 mo ago
I don't understand why people would do this. Is it fun to ruin someone's ability to find/enjoy manga? Only thing I ever messed with was writing Test's description (sorry not sorry for the current description), and that's because it's not a legit manga. I hope the troll doesn't find his way into the contributor role.
Avatar MangaA-Z 5 mo ago
I was sure it will be done sooner or later ? Good job team
Avatar NZPIEFACE 5 mo ago
Thanks for the role.
Avatar jasty 5 mo ago
An alternative is to just do what they do on Wikipedia.

-let members easily revert vandalism by restoring an earlier version of the page from the page history.
-members that vandalize get warned and / or have their edit privilege suspended
-pages which attract lots of vandalism can be locked down
Avatar Plykiya 5 mo ago
Locking pages is already a thing. Conan is one example, because the cover image was constantly being changed.

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Avatar Nirimetus 5 mo ago
I remember a few titles having their tags being changed/removed, nothing much serious, but got some people confused (me included) with the original tags lol.

Great work on the updates Holo.
Avatar Teddy 5 mo ago
I know this might be off topic, but going off Plykiya's observation; would the general consensus be that rotating manga thumbnails* be cool or just confusing.

* different volume book covers on rotation as the thumbnail*

Might create a new thread for Suggestions forum if it isn't shut down immediately here and people find it cool.

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Avatar bastek66 5 mo ago
I wonder why batoto didn't have problems like this to the point of removing edit button for normal users.
When will be becoming contributor open?

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Avatar yu6 5 mo ago
Sad to know some people had fun changing or adding the hentai label and random genres to many Manga pages...
I was having fun adding the MAL links where they missed... guess I won't have that fun anymore XD