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@WizTaku about not visualizing it, in my opinion it's not you, as you say it's not well described. Words are good for basic stuff, like pass me the salt, but creating worlds and actually showing them to others? difficult. That's why I recommend western books, they have a higher standard (usually!), quality over quantity. But me too, I'm having trouble finding books that keep me reading.

As for depression, frankly it really seems like it. But it's messy to solve it, I mean, I spend my days wasting away on the internet, even though I hate it and feel miserable, but I just don't have the energy and enthusiasm to find something else; the internet is there, so I just stay on the internet. Mind that anhedonia is not necessarily that nothing tastes good, it's often more like reduced motivation/want to get to that something that tastes good.
I enjoy reading manga that fill the stuff i dont have in life and im really envious sometimes cuz i know ill never have something like that. When i finish reading it i just feel empty, mostly because i can never have those things in life.
@WizTaku that's probably true for most of us here 😋😎 real life sucks
It's different how much time is put into cartoons and graphic novels, but whatever happens in real life and often the season is the one to decide how much I can spend on it.

I am 34, I have been reading graphic novels since I started in school and watched cartoons since we had a channel that was showing cartoons :)
I have both family, several educations and a job.

But what I always have time to do is 'me-time' - it is important in order to function :)

Some times I read real books, or I watch tv, or play games or read graphic novels or watch cartoons... alone.
And other times I do those 'me-time'-things with people... family or no family, because it's nice to introduce people to what you like or they introduce you to some new stuff.

Sometimes I have an entire weekend I can waste on whatever I want to, others it's just one hour or one moment a day or a week.
But as a general rule, there is always time to a hobby some time :)

If I was you, I wouldn't be too worried - some periods you'll experince the interest fade and then it will blossom up, but as you grow older you will most likely find a balance when it comes to a hobby like this :)

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I just read everything... oh man this is depressing...

@mochi Just to avoid misconclusions, you should meet a psychiatrist just in case.

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@DANDAN_THE_DANDAN thank'you for your concern!
but I fear I'd need a wizard more, somebody who can change this messed up world =(
I'm from the freudian school of thought that the healthy ones are those depressed, and everybody else is just good at deluding themselves, until life hits them hard enough... but whatever
Anime:Usually about zero to two eps a day but that depends on my mood, what anime im watching and just how the day went
Manga/LN/WN/VN:i usually spend most of my time (if not working) on this or games. lately ive been reading atleast 1 volume of LN/WN a day and depends on what manga and how many chapters updates that day but usually around 8-15 chapters. reading a volume and the chapters that updates that day usually takes me about 1-2 hrs. Havnt been playing and VN recently but at the time i did it was around 1-4 hrs a day
Games:ive been playing focusing most of my time on games recently with kingdom hearts and resident evil release but when i finish those it probably will go back to maybe 1-2 hrs a day. If a friend inv me to play a game though i usually go over that.

Usually i have about 6 hr free time during work days (6:00-17:00) and 1-2 hrs of that is spent on shower, dinner and other necessity, 1-2 hrs for manga/LN but i usually read during my lunch break so at most (on days that i dont feel like reading) it takes 1 hr of my free time, then the final 2-4 hrs is spent on games/anime/reading thats how my days usually are
30-something here.
Anime: I stopped watching anime for a long time, but started getting back into it the past seven years. I usually stick to shorter shows (12 eps ideally) that I watch with my partner. I like to have a series to follow. After having seen a lot of anime in my life, I'm a lot pickier about what I'll give my time to. I started following certain dramas and American shows lately. YouTube is where I get more value from, though.
Manga: I read manga in high school and only picked it back up two years ago. I've really enjoyed having MangaDex. Now that I'm studying Japanese, I've started reading manga in Japanese. A bit tough but rewarding. If I'm not careful I will binge-read for sure. It's great before bed.
Games: I can only handle one game at a time.