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On average, how often do you find yourself doing your hobby? Specifically watching anime and reading manga but other worth-mentioning examples are welcomed too.

As I grow up, I begin to wander wether I will still have time for myself when I would be so occupied with work and studies. I just wanna peek into the future a little bit.
I haven't watched anime in years.
Regarding manga - I read it daily.

Regarding anime...
I'm watching something once per month-two. Either because I've been craving for something to be animated for years or just watching something 100% worth together with my wife.
The reason is not really lack of time (I can find a time for hobby if I REALLY want it). I've simply seen too much of it and it seem way too similar now. The the point of being stupid. Exceptions are rare (and welcome!). That's expected of course, but still sad.

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It helps a LOT if you manage to find a significant other who shares one or more of your hobbies; this means both of you will try to specifically make time to spend together on these hobbies, even if it is just watching anime together or sharing a manga collection.
Anime: ~4 episodes a day(if I find an interesting one... what I don't)
Training: 3 hours
Writing: 1 hour
And I read mangas the rest of the time.

It's all about scheduling.and be an unemployed piece of crap who didn't even end High School

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I barely watch anime these days unless one of my favourite's gets a new season movie etc. Aside from that. I just rewatching my favourite's from time to time. Usually 2-3 episodes a day.

Usually daily.

Playing Osu! and Visual Novels also daily.

Finding time is pretty easy, if u dont have a social life and when sleep is little value to someone.

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Used to watch more than 10 episodes every single day some years ago. Now I may watch one each two months.




Rocket League, about 5 matches a day

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Haven’t watched an episode since kissanime blocked uOrigin, I would maybe pop an episode or two on a week if I had Crunchyroll, but I don’t.

Everyday, usually. I have about 400 follows, so I usually have between 5-10 chapters to read a day.

Been doing it less and less. These next few weeks I’ll be grinding for Road to S.I. packs in R6S, but other than that, nothing.

Mostly just browse Youtube and Twitch otherwise.

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Wow as a big fan of anime, I haven't really watched much anime lately, compared to reading manga, and it's really interesting to me that others are feeling the same way. (might just be because this is a manga reading site 😅).
I guess been going on like 19 years of anime/Manga Fandom. I find I have less time for the games and visual novels I'd like to play but I still watch anime daily after work and read manga or light novels before bed. It's about all I do besides work and taking care of animals I suppose. Lol. Harder to binge entire series at once compared to when I was younger though.
@Bainhardt It helps even more if you CAN'T find a significant other altogether =D
watching anime : i usually marathon watch them when theres a series i really like, but that rarely happen.

Manga : i check mangadex everytime i have a free time.

reading manga for me is a way to wind down a little bit, thats why i usually like really dumb manga that doesnt require much thinking to read and process.
@mochi (shhh, you're gonna expose me, I just said something I thought sounded helpful)
As others have stated, the real issue isn't time, but finding something that still interests you. Reading makes you open minded, not because you read a lot of different topic, but because you become increasingly bored of the tropes your favorite topics use and thus have to either expand your interests, or lower your bars(Oh, super OP MC pulled new magic out of his @$# again... Whooopy! I am totally psyched and not sick of this at all!) in order to keep the hobby.

Reading manga makes me less prone to watch the anime. Simply put, I cannot stand all the details that get cut out of the anime, and the VA are rarely an improvement from my imagination (I listen to subbed, I cannot stand dubbed at all since I instantly associate the characters to the character the VA was dubbing in bleach. Orihime's VA especially stands out, I cannot listen to anything dubbed without her appearing as some lolihag. I understand japanese enough to almost turn subs off, but not well enough to recognize a VA between series. Once I get to that level, I am probably screwed).

In exchange for visual and auditorial details, we loose good portions of world building, character development, and other supporting details. When I saw the anime for Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo Dorei Majutsu, I was incredibly disappointed the moment they made it to through the gate in ep1. The explanation for what the collars mean was removed, if you read it, you would know just how important the collars are to the story. That said, the anime removed most of the story elements, leaving nothing but the ecchi. This was one of the few ecchi series I had that also had a good story, so I was extremely sensitive to this.

My main complaint with Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken at the moment is ep 1. Why the hell did that guy run up and stab him? In the manga, he kept running. That was acceptable, we just got in his way which is why we were stabbed. He was running from something (probably the scene of a crime), and the knife was just being used to clear the way. But in the anime.... the stupid guy turns around! This changes everything. He can't be running away from something since after stabbing us, he ran straight back the way he came. It must have been intentional. But... he was aiming at our friend. Why the hell was he after our friend? Why did he not make a follow up attack once his first attack failed (hit the wrong target)? And still, why did he run back the way he came (where several people had seen him and are thus on high alert) instead of pressing on forwards?
My second complaint is too much was visible when Rimuru was blind. Especially with the Veldora encounter. Sure, he was a shadow, but... honestly, did you not know what he was? The manga kept him in a human shape until the end. At the least, we could have gotten a black misty blob instead of an outline of his shape. That killed all notion of suspense and made the reveal extremely dull.
My last complaint is, in general, it has low quality imagery. Ep1&2 were good. The cave was good... and then, the moment we get outside... its bland. I like Slime's story and manga better than Goblin, but Goblin's anime has better imagery than Slime. And for that alone, I like goblins anime better than slime. At least for the first 6 episodes. Both are on hold.... because I am busy.... oh god!

But I am sidetracked now. Basicly, now that I read, watching happily is near impossible (though, this is a personal problem, not something our culture at large feels). Also, as much as I liked moe/yuri in the past, I don't think I can watch them now (I probably would if I had more time, however, that would also mean I have no life, in the off chance that I even have one now).

I get ~1hr per day of something anime/manga related(watching, reading, writing/commenting). I can get 2-5 more hours if I drop my other hobbies (programming/3d modeling/etc). Except for days I am forced into social events (~1/3 days) or have to clean(I do everything in bulk, takes ~3-5hrs every 5-7 days) in which case 1hr of any of my hobbies would be a luxury.

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Manga: 2 Hours I have multiple Series I keep up with.

Anime: Once a week usually unless I find a series Im crazy about.

LN: 2 hours a day.

Writing: 3 hours a day when I am not busy with work.

I lead a pretty boring life, but I have come to terms with that lol.
At least once every two days.

Once every 1-3 months.

Light Novel:

Visual Novel:
I tend to go through one every six months.

I literally log into League of Legends every single day.

I have a hobby of collecting things I consider rare.
Also, I spend most my time on the computer, either procrastinating on YouTube, or actually doing something productive.
P.S. I consider myself an educated memer. Hit me up with your dank memes, folks.

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I read manga everyday, if i have nothing new to read i just find something to re-read from my list
As for anime i have a few which i keep up with weekly but aside from that i dont watch that often cuz i cant find anything i like anymore
Novel i only read like 3-4 but i dont like reading that much
And last but not least, games... Honestly i stopped playing for some reason nothing seems to hit the spot for me to play it a lot
@WizTaku "i don't like reading that much"

maybe it's because those chinese/japanese webnovels are basically garbage... they sell by chapter, so every chapter is stretched out thin with repetitions, and the rest is tropes.

did you try western books, such as Eoin Colfer's (a safe bet for all: lots of laughs and very readable style), Da Chen's The wandering warrior (great for young men), etc.? western books can keep you going for hours and are much less mind numbing than trope-centric asian stuff.

By the way, "i cant find anything i like anymore", " nothing seems to hit the spot for me to play it a lot"... sound like anhedonia, you should check for depression, it's my issue too

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@mochi Its not the actual content i like the content of some the problem is the lack of visuals i cant quite visualize it and lets be honest its not that well described sometimes which i can understand since if they did it would take 200 pages for 5 scenes, the only novel i really enjoyed was Overlord especially the writing.

Depression huh? That might be it, i dont feel like doing anything anymore even the things i know i enjoy but i just can get into them and i cant seem to do anything about it
Holy crap I forgot that I made this.