Author Interview #5: YakisobaScans
Ok. Firstly, let's begin by having you introduce yourself and your group. Please be as detailed as you like.

Yaki-Soba: I'm Yakisoba, the founder and leader of YakisobaScans, a Yakisoba LLC property.
I'm a INTP 5w4 Cancer cis female Kill Me Baby fan from Peru whose native language is Spanish.

What got you into manga and then into the scanlation scene?

What got me into manga? Yumekui Merry I guess? I'm sorry, my story about how I got into manga is very complex.

Feel free to elaborate!

As for the scanlation scene, it was much simpler. I first did Spanish scans, but they're shit compared to what I do now.

Early on July of 2018, I found out that the Kill Me Baby manga was last translated in 2016. I got quite sad because I didn't want to wait anymore, so I thought myself: "What if I did the ma nga?". In order to see if another group was planning to pick it, I went to the Kirara Scantasia Discord, as KMB is from Manga Time Kirara.

I asked them if they were going to pick up the manga, and they said no. I then created a email and a page for YakisobaScans under the name of Yakisoba Scans.

After that I recruited JP translators, and the group could release a few chapters, even if the quality was shit. Our first release was done on July 16th, which is also my birthday.

In August we had a slowdown due to not having TLs, but we have recovered since then. Our main focus right now is catching up to Japan on KMB, after we do that I won't be churning out stuff weekly.

Will Yakisoba Scans be doing Kill Me Baby only once you catch up to Japan or will you be branching out? If so, what titles are you thinking of doing?

It's YakisobaScans in CamelCase or Yakisoba Scanlations now. We already branched out to some more stuff, but these other titles aren't our priority right now.

In MD's last interview, we got a glimpse of the Polish scanlation scene. Can you give us an idea of what the Spanish scanlation scene is like right now?

I was only there for a very short time. Sorry. The only thing I think about the Spanish scene is that groups often use Scanlation and Fansub interchangeably.

Why did you move from the Spanish scene to the English scene?

I moved to the English one because if I knew that if I wanted to revive the KMB manga I had to do it from English, 95% of Spanish scans use English as a base anyways. I started using Yakisoba as my screen name during that period and for a few months my old handle Mireannea and Yakisoba were interchangeable. Now Yakisoba is my permanent name, even if the old one still persists in some places (read: MD itself).

Fun fact: I used Mireannea the longest out of any other screen name I have ever used.

You are also a part of MangaDex Scans. Do you find it challenging to juggle working between two groups?

Sometimes I fear that I will end up delaying DenkiGai for too long because of my current focus on Kill Me Baby. Other than that; it's fine, as I tend to do DenkiGai after I'm done cleaning/redrawing KMB and the proofed script isn't ready yet.

What is your ultimate goal for Yakisoba Scanlations?

Well, I have an obssesion with Kill Me Baby and Kagaku Chop's author Kaduho (Kazuho in literal romanji). My goal for this group is fully translating anything Kill Me Baby and Kagaku Chop related in high quality, as long as it's official (doujins are another thing). I'm also planning to do Kaduho's doujins and any manga he does after KMB and Kagaku. With a few unrelated stuff in the side.

What do you like most about manga in general?

What do I like the most about manga? Well, it's how you can watch them, analyze them (like any other medium) and see what lies below the surface. Enjoying something is the best part of something (too much TVTropes I guess?).

@Plykiya: What motivates you to to continue scanlating? Do you have any goals?

What's motivating me to continue is the fact that starting something in general feels good and that every milestone achieved is a stepping stone.
As for goals, I have many. I have in my mind short, medium and long

@Lymus: Did you Kill the Baby?

Stay tuned to Chapter 89's release.

@Lymus: How does being part of MDex scans make you feel?

It makes me feel glad that I can work on something else and meet people that can help me in the process.

@Lymus: Yaki Soba or Yaki Udon? Why?

Yakisoba, Udon, Yakisoba Udon.

Lastly, if you could say anything to your readers, what would it be?

Thanks for being grateful. I believed back when I started that they didn't care, but reading through the comments of every release proved me otherwise. Feel free to ask me questions, I'll answer them gleefully. Look forward to our next releases, we're burning ourselves for a reason.
- The Yakisoba Company LLC, more known as Yakisoba LLC.

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Oops, typoes. And feel free to ask me more questions! I will happily answer them!
Niiiice @Mireannea you're from Peru? if so that's so close to me! anyway, I agree with that of the Spanish scanlation though recently I've seen a lot of groups starting to translate from Japanese and being ahead of English translations, sadly they do not have too much presence on MD.
Un? Yakisaba desho?
It feels weird to see @Plykiya asking normal question mmm...
@Darkaeluz I'm starting to feel that too... And yes, I'm from Peru.
@421cookies It's Yakisoba.
@Mireannea so nice seeing more people from Perú in this forum. Saludos desde Lima y muchos éxitos en todos tus proyectos.
@Phantone Gracias! Jajaja, tiempo sin usar español en la internet...
I always felt a strange sense of pride when I’m reading a manga and the Spanish translation is more advanced than the English and I can read it, does that ever happen to you?
Not Mireannea but i certainly can relate to that feeling lol.
I would really like it if Mangadex could become a place for Spanish translations to flourish, like submanga and Mcanime onece were, @mireannea @phantone so nice~~ you're from the same country, saludos desde Bolivia!
The goal is for MD to become the go-to site for scanlations for all languages 😎
This question actually for #Rhino but he didn't answer or it has reached the limit time.

1) Does your group have special characteristics? Like the series you took as a project.
For example, Hokuto no Gun group, they mostly focus on old, mature, and seinen manga.

2) When did you consider taking on a new project?
As there are free slots, the series being worked on has catch up the raw, or there are translators who are vacant, or else.
1. CGDCT I guess?
2. I pick up projects based on how much interest I have on doing them. Vacant staff also helps.
Nice interview Yaki !
I know how it feels to move from scanslating your native language to English. Challenging.

I cant imagine working on 2 groups, must be tiring.
Nice interview. Keep up the good work!

What translation cracked you up so much that it became memorable?
Greetings from Chile! (Fuck spanish). I honestly find it kind of hard to believe that one of the most active groups that I follow is actually from South America, and even more impresive is that it has it's focus on KMB since it isn't as popular as other Kirara franchises. Ok so all thanks aside, what do you think of the anime adaptation? I personally quite enjoy it but prefer the manga overall since I think that the humour and story a far more better suited for the 4-koma style.
Sorry for the 3 month delay, but I'm finally back. Here are all of your questions now answered!

>@Dennis What translation cracked you up so much that it became memorable?
There was this one horrible translation of a romance manga that was so bad, I died of laughter reading it.

>@Epsilon04 What do you think of the anime adaptation?
The KMB anime was what introduced me first to the series back during May 2018. I consider it to be pretty good, even if not on the level of the manga and a guilty pleasure. Unlike most other Kirara series, Kill Me Baby has held a special place on my heart because I first watched it after a particularly big moment on my life as both an anime fan and as a person.