Author Adding New Manga
Add manga button can be found on Manga Titles area (Titles/Search/Featured/Add) or the Manga dropdown (beside MangaDex link on the top right).
Or this url

After clicking Add new title and you see a different entry, someone added a new title before you submitted yours.
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Before adding a new title, make sure to search first.
Search using alt/original names. Search using author or artist.
Check whether you have H on/off.

  • Use romanized name or English name.
  • The form doesn't let you add a title with the same name right now. Temporarily add artist name in parenthesis, then edit it out later. Ex. Citrus (Saburouta) should be Citrus only.
    For doujinshi:
  • If it's based on an intellectual property (manga/anime/game/etc), use this format:
    IP Name - Doujinshi Name (Doujinshi) Ex. Aikatsu! - Sweet Bitter Kiss (Doujinshi)
  • If it's an original doujinshi, not based on anything, add it like a normal title, don't add (Doujinshi) at the end.
  • If it's a doujinshi series, use the prevailing or most used name. Then upload each one as chapters using the extra name or subname as chapter names. Ex. Triangle Struggle
  • If there's a tankoubon (volume) compilation for it, put it there.
  • If it's part of an anthology, put it there.
  • If originally published in an anthology but the author has enough works and put in a compilation - up for debate. You should put it in the volume compilation especially if it has a tank-only sequel or bonus.

    Alternative Names
    Separate entries by new line.

    Format: LastName FirstName
  • If there's another with the same romanization, add original name in parenthesis. Ex. Ameno (飴野)

    The limit for each is 256 characters. (That's why you cannot save so many names for anthologies.)

    This is status of publication in the country of origin, not scanlation or local publishing status.

  • Doujinshi: add to any type of doujinshi, parody or original.
  • Webtoon: add this to make the title use long-strip format in reader.
  • Ecchi: For salacious fanservice.
  • Smut: Borderline hentai, sex with invisible genitals.

  • Manga: Anything published in a hentai magazine.
  • Doujins: Those which have R18/18+/For Adults Only (and other variations) in the cover. (Unless they forgot to add and it has sex.)
  • Webtoons: Marked 19+
    Otherwise they are only tagged as ecchi or smut.

    Only English for now.

    Portrait, maximum of 1MB.

    When in doubt, ask a mod or god Holo.
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