Author random manga unfollows
I saw Oni no Youna LoveCome on the latest updates page and saw that I didn't follow it. BUT I read it and instantly followed it when chapter 1 was uploaded five months ago. Same with the black general one, I saw it one day and followed it months before yet it didn't showed up in the follows section.
Is this supposed to be expected? I have over 1k i'm following right now.
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There is no fix for this because we are not sure it's an issue. There are no hard limits on follows so nothing should get unfollowed randomly.

if you can provide evidence that this happened aside from your memory, it would be immensely helpful.
Some people have occasionally reported "random unfollows", but to our knowledge there shouldn't be anything that would be causing it in the code.

Unfortunately, these are our best guesses right now:
1) people have been mistaken about following the title in the first place,
2) they've pressed the unfollow button at some point without realizing (because that's the only action that causes an unfollow), or
3) they have indeed pressed the follow button but coincidentally there was some kind of an error that caused the follow not to go through (like a 502) and the user just closed the tab before noticing.
Sorry for the late reply, I did not get notified.
Yes, Look at the comment section of Kiriko.
It shows that I was confused by the ending which means I have read it. Somehow the eyes are not showing up,I even rated it an 8
There is a counterpoint to this but it would be shot down by the fact that logically the reading eye should appear even if i don't check it off as completed.
On the number 2 reason, it has happened to me when i didnt follow the manga but even then it still pursues.
I think it's a time thing and more users signing up and using the site.

This reminds me of many of my comments in various comment sections disappearing after one of the various system upgrades. I can now go to a some comment sections and see replies to a comment I made, but my original comment is not there. I wouldn't be surprised if your problem is also related to an system upgrade discarding data.