Author Any books change your life? Literally?
Illusions - Richard Bach
The Wager - Blaise Pascal
Socratic Dialogues - Plato
Books on stoicism
an essay by richards heuer on competing hypothesis
discipline and punish - michel foucault
the myth of sisyphus and other essays - albert camus
ductigami: the art of the tape - joe wilson
on human nature - edward wilson
essays by hegel on individualism (can't remember the title)

there are more, but these are the books that caused major shifts in my worldview.
I don't read too many books but the most recent ones that really got me was "How Europe Underdeveloped Africa" and "Open Veins of Latin America". Learned lots about the history of colonialism and imperialism, and how it's taught in the world
Isekai manga changed my life. I committed suicide like those main chars and i reborn, so i got a new better life now. U guys should try it, there is a chance that you'll failed but dont scare, just do it, u can restart your life.
Wish me luck bros. I'll report back when I unlock memories of my past life.