Author Chapter 49 (Gun X Clover)
this manga pisses me of so much
there's too many that abillity that has automatic revive... that's just bullshit lol

and its official this manga need to get axed
This is a piece of shit which was bad from chapter 1, what do you expect? It should've been axed after 5 chapters, lasting for this long is a travesty against all the good manga that was actually axed despite being awesome.

At the end of the day, the only people that would be satisfied by this junk are teenagers or younger who doesn't think at all about anything and thinks that the poses/drawings and things happening in this manga are "cool". You know, like having a lengthy dialogue in the middle of battle about nothing in particular, haha.
@Seregosa Wow, you really did read everything and kept complaining for 49 chapters, actual masochist.
I hope that after a year you've calmed down lmao.