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But I ain't sharing.
Really no offense with this, but you're a mess. I've clearly stated the difference between a supporter and a customer. The whole customer thing is irrelevant anyway, it only escalated because you've made this statement: "Everyone here is fully aware of the fact that accepting donations is essentially, "charging money for *our services"". I've already said in my previous comment that donators/supporters don't have a right to demand. If they did become customers rather than supporters then sure. Otherwise, feel free to pull the support.

"The post you are referencing to is so old, it just shows us how much effort you're willing to put forth when you won't even peruse a site to look for current up to date information."
She clearly updated the page in January and had plenty of time since she made that post to remove it from the front page post. If everybody since then left her, and now she is all by herself, that's not a fact I'm operating with. And even if everybody did leave her, and she is all by herself now, that wouldn't have changed anything and we would have still sniped. I argued that point because you presented her as a sole scanlator, I just showed you what I consider to be proof that she is not. Now, you are using another post from her website, where she states otherwise and you chose to believe it. That's fine, but then "don't bully a sole scanlator" argument doesn't hold as all we have is contradicting evidence.

We've sniped, as I said multiple other times, we're not looking for an excuse, we're not trying to justify it nor does it require justification, even if I did offer an explanation. I've clearly given my stance on sniping. You've mentioned Trash Scanlation in your example, all they had to do was keep releasing and they would have been fine. Instead, they fell to an internal dispute, Meraki is far from unstable. We are a small group that's as united as it ever was. Community backing or not, we'll be fine unless we get bored and quit. Oh, and don't mistake it, you are in the far minority.

You've accused us of instigating against TimelessLeaf, you didn't bring any proof. You've claimed to be a supporter, you posted $5 transaction without any details, proving nothing. If you did, in fact, donate $5, that's half of the cost of 1 chapter, and we thank you, in the name of fans who read the chapter, including yourself. You've argued few points, I'm not going to lie, going back and forth it's nothing really solid. You've stated that you have expectations that we're not meeting. Showing an overblown sense of importance on top of trying to hold a moral high ground and defending timelessleaf while being outraged by our actions of sniping her (Which is something they also did to multiple groups in the past, even recently).

You owe it to your community.
You have a reputation to uphold. You have a responsibility towards your readers to show that you can be better.
^These are the statements that you made. So, we work on a chapter, that you read, and then we owe you something? Excuse me? What the fuck? This is why I'm calling you entitled. You feel entitled, and you are dragging the rest of the community into this category. You feel as if we owe you explanations as if we owe you to be better, or something that we are not. You feeling that we should act in according to your beliefs and standards which make no sense btw is why I'm calling you entitled. Again, if you are unclear about it, just read your first comment. Hence why I said "Steal in a righteous way" because that's what you're expecting of us. Steal from publishers, works that are not actively scanlated, but leave the poor leaf alone. Let her butcher the project however she feels like it, because she stole it first, right? And if you are going to apply some form of standards, apply it across the board. Let me see you make the same comment on her page.
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You guys should translate checkpoint. It's about a guy who can time travel (not too much, I don't want to spoil it so I'll just say rn that he can't go back to the previous day), the whole time I read it I was on the edge of my seat. I really liked it, and I found it a shame that no one else translates it.
Daammnn I only came here to see why you guys dropped all those really good manhwas(?) but didn't expect to find THIS much shade being thrown at you
The only reason you guys are doing it is that people could read it and maybe appreciate it a bit but instead you get hate wow sucks
What happened to all the last human manga yall posted
Specifically the last human scans
@Concerned_cat25 As I explained on The Last Human page on Mangadex. It got licensed by Mangatoon. We are currently working on it for them and we don't have permission to upload to a third-party website, so, we removed all of the chapters from Mangadex that they uploaded to their app, which is everything from chapter 21 onwards. Keeping them would also be against Mangadex rules, as those right now would be considered official rips.

You can find The Last Human chapters that we did, and that we will be doing on their app and on our website
Hello,I don't want to sound like an immature child,but when are we getting a "Why Naitou" update?
Thank you.
@IJustMadeThisToComment Why Naitou is published on pixiv if I remember correctly, but we're not scanlating that version. It's kind of low quality compared to Volume release. So, once the volume 3 is out, we'll get it and start releasing. I'm actually not sure when it's coming out, but I reckon it should be soon.
@DiabolicalHaterAnonx KK thanks,just wanted an update on what's happening.
Thanks a lot for your work!!! It's awesome.
hey thanks for doing reincarnation of the slime i love that serie
Avatar what going to happen to this group?.................