Author Chihayafuru
My opinion will make Taichi fangirls hate me.
Bluntly speaking, I only feel sad for Arata. He is clearly like an outsider, the starter of it all and never appear too much in the story (what I mean is, Chihaya and Taichi are more hightlighted).

I will hate it if Taichi wins, because, the final arc is just like that. The chapter goes downhill.

The best ending is, there is no exact resolution, no need miracles happened, I prefer if Taichi finally feels satisfied with his hard work. He had tried, aligning himself with his two best friends. And from this defeat, he will make a decision especially about his ambition and dream.
I read this a long time ago and think I need to start over. Does anyone know if the "missing chapters" have ever been scanlated (and just aren't hosted here)? I'm trying to decide if it'd better to watch the anime or stick with the manga ...
>competitive karuta
wew, what's next, a manga about curling?
they weren't, period.
Reason was "watch anime if you want to know what happened", I think. Then someone got a group to get missing chapters translated, they did a couple, but afterwards official release was announced, and they dropped doing that too.
So I guess your best luck is to look for scans of official release or buy needed volume.
Anyone watched the anime here?
@Ti0 I have, it follows the manga quite closely, the anime ends somewhere around the middle of chapter 93.
Also the 2 live action movies are pretty good, those skip a lot of details and the last scene of the 2nd movie is non-cannon foreshadowing.
Ps. Shinobus actress is great in the live action movies (edit: only appears in the 2nd one).
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