Author unOrdinary
Hot ~~steaming~~ garbage

How is this still popular in webtoon, if anyone can explain? I lost interest somewhere while reading, and the characters are as dry as they can get.

Or I might just not be the target audience, but seeing as to how it maintains 99,999+ hearts in every chapter, I was bound to think it was good. I dont mean to compare, but yeah.. I keep comparing it to noblesse and popularity wise, it seemed like unordinary is hella more popular. My experiences being, I couldnt sleep till I finished reading noblesse, while unordinary brought me to sleep.

Do tell me if it is worth painfully reading, and if I should give it another shot?
About 90 chapters since . Actually very disappointing. The other problems that happen in the story haven't been addressed since they happened in Season 1 . I really hope this changes soon. It was tons more interesting in the 1st season. 1st season: 8/10. This season 3/10, and that's being generous.
Bro, everyone in these comments are ungrateful as fuck. This is quality with a good story and plot. Though yes it may seem to drag out, it takes time to draw things swell and make sure the point the author is trying to make comes out along with it. Would you rather it be a daily Chinese bad grammar, art, and clichè ridden shitshow?
@AwayAnimal81 oh darling there are a LOOOT of popular manhwas that have 100+ episodes but are still interesting unlike this one, I thoroughly enjoyed the start of this manhwa's season but the plot just... became one dimensional at some point and that's disappointing for a story with so much potential. The art is still really good though.
What this MC? This is cliché as fckkkk! The MC have strong power but stupidly hide his power, if this Japanese manga fantasy the MC will kill anyone who hurt the heroine, this is suck just the plot and concepts is very cool and interesting but Characters development expect the golden hair ( I like the golden dude) is the only one that cool, oh yeah villains are like Chinese manhwa everyday villain lol.
Season 1 is cliched but not bad, Season 2 on is hot dog garbage (that is something a dog would consider garbage, and actually throw out.) Either the author is milking this as hard as possible for money and has no idea how the story should actually be going, or the current writer did not write season 1 and is just trying to milk an established story for money until people find out.

1/10 - Avoid this unless you're trying to learn by example of how not to write a story.
Recent comments seem to have a strong distaste for the series.
So a couple of things: This series is frustrating. immensely so, although not in a bad way. If you've read Tower of God, it's frustrating in the same way Rachel is a frustrating character design. IE, there are people who can REAAAALLLY hate it, or understand the role that Rachel plays in TOG, but still hate her character.
Simply put, the setting is brutal. This is a society where "Strong eats the weak." People are beaten every day because they can. You're probably gonna feel like 90% of the characters are complete assholes that deserve to get dunked on. Well you get your wish come season 2, only to realize that the situation is no different. The whole series is about the consequences of such a corrupt society. It fucking sucks. And it's annoying to read, because practically everyone is an asshole or ignorant.

You're GOING to feel frustrated with this series. But I find this chops down to the themes the author is portraying. The characters are irritating because that's how their world is. Completely fucked.

My recommendation. Binge read it once the story progresses far enough for an arc to end. This way you're not feeling excess hatred for the hate-inducing viewpoints waiting each week for a little bit more. That's what I plan on doing. Though up to chapter 210, and while certain characters have gotten their redemption, the important one is still aggravating for me. Guess i'll see yall next year.
First Season: good. 5/10

Second season: Utterly trash, one of the worst shit i've read. 1/10

I actually can't understand how is this constantly at the top of webtoon's ranking, there're dozens of comics/manhwas better than this.
One of the most disappointing things I’ve even read. It started off soo good but then just kept dropping and dropping in quality now it’s just straight trash over and over.
Well... This is going to sound hypocritical but let me say this:
There are many crucial things I think authors should avoid, and one of them is

Making it seem like your MC experienced little (and what I mean by little is like close to only 1 picometer) to no character development before the story even takes place. No, it doesn't have to be apparent. Just an improvement psychologically is enough. That's all I need

Gotta remember that the MC's life doesn't start at the beginning of the chapter, at least in this case, thus "character development" must have been present even before the curtain sets off. It's alright if it's by a small amount, what's important is the experience. The thoughts kicking during that period, but I kinda have trouble finding something as far as I'd been reading. I agree with how "history repeats itself" sometimes, but... At least they must have learned something, right? As I said, the MC's life doesn't start as soon as he steps onto the stage, so they mustn't be completely devoid of things. Idk if it counts as a spoiler since it'd be apparent unless you haven't read the series but

@MelReinH Uhh... I want to say something, but... Just prepare for another wall of text ahem. Probably others have different reasons, but for me personally, it's just... Monotonous. In the first place, Tower of God makes you feel... A little more alive. "aww that's cute" "Oof noooooo" "POGGGG" or any thoughts (Heck I remember fangirling over Viole). They have a wide cast, and they make use of it. There are times when you get frustrated, sad, etc but there are also times when you'd get excited. Almost every single character is unique, and that's what makes it different from unOrdinary.

For the last few chapters, it's just annoying. Pure annoyance. Frustration. Hatred. I'm going to be honest - the reason why I decided to read the series (aside from a recommendation) is because of the synopsis. Unlike here on mangadex, LINE doesn't give you the option to pick certain tags like psychology, so the description captivated me. "Finally, a good series that reflects the flawed reality" but sadly, it doesn't. Plus, the characters. Do you even remember every single character it has? Because to me, aside from a few with catchy names, they just seem like Bully A, Bully B, Dumbass A, Dumbass B, Sacrifice A, Sacrifice B, Asshole A, Asshole B, Annoying Heroine A, Annoying Heroine B, etc. It just feels like... The whole school is full of douchebags in which even 1 word is enough to represent all.

At first, the plot kinda baffles me. A protagonist who's a coward? A normie? It doesn't really suit me. But you get used to it as time goes on. Might as well prepare for a good character development, right? Training arcs and all, might come real soon :)
So what happened wasn't what I expected. It broke through the cliche, and my hope jumped a few octaves, but just like how Slave B played with my emotions, this, too, did. It's like I climbed up the cliff just to get betrayed and pushed. Though hey, I'm still alive! Blood poured everywhere, and I'm extremely unsure I want to give it another try, hoping for the series to change. I-I just don't know. I was speechless. All the time I'd spent, all the things I hoped. I began to doubt if I was even in my right mind to start reading this. Just as the plot becomes blander and blander, the MC too. I wouldn't have any complaints if the story gets more psychological, but I guess it's impossible considering that the site is focused on the younger audience.

The audience sees the author's world mostly from MC's perspective, and in most cases, the MC is at least rootable. It doesn't matter if they are right or wrong. There are many stories with antiheroes, but many of them are rootable. unOrdinary at best "grazed" its characters' personalities, and that includes the MC as well. In the end, the ones who still cope with it are those who can pity the MC. Sadly I can't. Not anymore.

Ah. I remember now. A fine example of psychology and empathy over a growingly "vile" main character. Houseki no Kuni. I wouldn't say its use of psychological devices is perfect, but it's above others I've seen so far. Typically, the audience can empathize with the MC even if he's wrong; that's what makes them rootable, and it's just what the series lacks. In stories that focus on the world and its flaws, psychology is necessary. The feeling of loneliness, the feeling of wild harmony. Calming, yet eating one from the inside. Slowly creeping, its whispers are the devils'. The sensation of losing one's self, when the right and wrong are slowly blending together. A grey world. When sugar no longer tastes sweet, when reality starts to hit you harder than a 100 ton truck does.
The world is flawed. Yes. Society is flawed. Yes. And so is everyone. (I feel like I used up too much space so Imma use spoiler tags if you want to read more of this comment aiweuawieua)

If you read it till the end I'd like to give you my thanks 😅

Edit: @AwayAnimal81 Uhh.. I want to tag you as well but I don't know exactly the best place to @ you so here you go
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I appreciate the block of text. I'm merely one among the many with an opinion, and reading another's "can" be enjoyable (forcing your point and expressing nothing but emotions with no examples or evidence can be quite annoying. Guilty as charged. I'm trying to fix that). And I already know how I read my manga. I'm not a critic. I don't deep-analyze, nor delve into the intricacies of writing. I'm the kind of guy who reads for "general plot" rather than "in-depth" pointedness. It's why I'm able to read trash-sekai's and thoroughly enjoy them. I found myself agreeing with alot of point you made. Does it hurt my standing on the series? Yes. Will I stop reading it? maybe not. If anything, you helped me understand "why" i'm frustrated and I appreciate that alot! So thanks for the block of text and assisting my brain in "why" this series frustrates me. Because it's honestly, all subjectively true to me, the points you made.

Seriously. John is REALLY annoying to read now.

Now author is just making a bad guy forcefully out of MC that we don't want beacuse almost everyone of them had made mistake including SERA.... As she bullied MC at first and threatened him to buy food, etc. (no maybe beat up for refusing.


But now after tolerating everything, whem MC come to take revenge... SERA be like "OH.... NO YOU CAN't DO THAT. Eleane(maybe this was the name), Arlo, Blyke can bully you but you cannot>>>"
loooooooool looks like every can agree here
this thing became hot steamy dogshit i don't even know what's happening anymore
I am fine as long as Sera does not turn her back on mc.
She probably does not want him to be like that, heck, even John himself probably hates that side of him.
I am still fine as long as John and Será are happy in the end.
Don't care much about the others for now.
Did they deleted the chapters?

The mc probably got his own redemption would be badass af if he fights all the authorities without any help