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The Artist Fomerly Known As "The Artist Formerly Known As" Prince and "The King of Pop" Michael Jackson never directly collaborated on any musical project, though they almost did so for the 1989 Batman movie.
Various restaurants like Burger King, McDonald's, and Star Bucks have fecal bacteria in their Ice Cubes. A 2017 investigation into coffee shop chain Iced water confirmed it is actually quite common all around. So, maybe don't put ice in your drink.

Also, you know those touch screen checkout things in places like McDonald's. Yeah, there's fecal bacteria on there too. So, I'd wash your hands after using them.

Just don't use public bathroom soap.

And, don't use the warm air dryer to dry your hands, either.
Eating small quantities of poo is fine, as it helps maintain the bacteria that breaks down food in your body. Cleaner isn't always better
@Hornyturtle Have you eaten poop? just askin

This is because they use the bathroom soap dispenser.
The poo hands touch, it wash it off and go.
But pooey hands guy touched dispenser.

Now woop de doo, employee 1 comes to "clean" his hands to clean the ice machine
food, iced coffee etc. He touches the poop covered dispenser and washes his hands, uses door handle and leaves.
His hand now has poop bacteria traces.

But for maximum oopsie, let's say.. another poopy hand guy earlier touched that door handle too before washing his hand earlier and left. Or more likely, was lazy.

Now everything employee touches can have trace fecal bacteria matter! Yay!
Pissing into the Kitchen sink is generally frowned upon in most parts of society
@cyanhide i disagree. Urine is better than soap for cleaning sinks.

Speaking of urine, it was used in making bread to make it stay fresher for longer. Since then they have discovered the ingredient in piss that serves the function, most just use that.
@Hornyturtle what percent of the population do you think knew that before you said anything?

My point still stands lol
your nose stops you from committing incest
when you grow up with someone genetically related or not from very young age you are less inclined to see them as a sexual partners
by their smell
this phenomenon is called westermarch effect
space dust cloud SAGITTARIOUS B2
smells like raspberries and rum
fun fact : i regret ever even clicking on this thread. I want to drink a cup of poison and forget it all.
During cold weather pandas will smear themselves with horse poop because it has properties that block their cold-receptors.

The reason moose are always licking cars is because of the salt that sticks to them. In most places where moose are found the climate is very cold, so they pour salt on the roads to keep them from freezing, and that salt sticks to the cars that drive over it. To deter moose from licking cars people will create salt reservoirs to keep them in the forests and off the roads, as well deforesting the areas around the roads to make the roads less inviting/hospitable.
fun fact : I wont read the thread because of a previous fun fact.
Because of that, often times today, when old coffins are opened up for whatever reason, they find scratch marks inside of it

fact:many people successfully escaped their early grave but religious people deemed them as vampires and burned them alive
that is how most of the vampires stories came to be
The Roman legionary is the basic military force of the late Roman republic. Consisted of male Roman Citizens under the age of 45, legionnaires are expected to serve for 25 years on campaign, policing, construction and everything in between; with their remaining 5 years allocated towards light tasks. Once retired these veterans receive a piece of land or equivalent monetary payment and sometimes status.

A typical legionnaire's baggage on campaign consists of a metal armor, helmet, shield, two javelins, gladius, dagger, food and water, cooking equipment, entrenching tools, and two stakes (for camp construction).
9/10 MD users are virgins, possibly for life, according to statistics.
Your true friends and family will never see you again and you will be a fond but small piece of their memory.

i have to disagree
to start with what is you
how do you define yourself?
is it the memories and experience you had or your cells that make up your body or your atoms that make up your cells

>your new memories overlap your previous ones that cannot be you completely
>your cells constantly dies and new cells get formed (even now when you are reading) this that can't be you either
>the atoms that make up your cells changes every 5 years that you are not the you....5 years ago....

it is said that you are a 50th cousin of everything (by everything i mean everything)

in the end us/our parent/loved ones/everybody are just some fleeting bunch of atoms interacting with another bunch of atoms
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@IfYouSeeMeRun I don't see how any of that has anything to do with the fact that, in your absence, you're simply a memory to those who knew you. Your biological existence doesn't really change that.

If you want to make the Ship of Theseus idea your reality thenyou can but whatever state you were in when you left is what they'll remember. They're not thinking about you in terms of which atoms survived and which didn't. They only care about the you they knew in the last moments.
in your absence, you're simply a memory to those who knew you. Your biological existence doesn't really change that.

that is what im saying there in no absence if you take someone else and give him your memories and experiences you had from your childhood
he is

it is revealed that astronauts travel faster in time than us by 0.05 seconds that is the closer we got to travelling time
and he does not have suddenly new set of parents and a new set of friends
@IfYouSeeMeRun Again, it has nothing to do with what has been stated. Who you were at the moment is who they remember, that is who you were to them.

Not to mention that the idea that simply because something has undergone change, it is different from what is was before is flawed. The concept of normality and relationships is predicated on the fact and expectation that things will not be the same over time but will still retain a semblance of it's basic form when it was first encountered. That is, a person is still a person regardless of what shape their atoms are in and whether they've been replaced over time or not. It's purely semantic logic that you're injecting into a basic black and white statement. That however is an argument I'm not willing to get into right now.

If you vanish, you are gone. You are a memory, whatever you recognize "you" to be at the moment of departure. That's all there is to it.

Also to make sure I'm understanding properly and that we're on the same page, we're talking about you leaving one timeline to another. There isn't a clone left in your place when you leave.
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