Author Updates to RSS Feeds
Call me boomer or whatever, but I actually use the RSS Feeds on websites. The issue with MD's feeds is that they're not separated by language, so a lot of the updates are not useful to me. I've recently been using the api to create my own rss feeds, but I would prefer if this was implemented into the site itself. All it really needs is separate feeds for languages and fixing the Title to be the manga title instead of 'MangaDex RSS.' I'm willing to help out with this if need be.

Update: Found out that the feeds update to automatically filter once you select your chapter language. All it really needs now is useful titles instead of 'Mangadex RSS'
@omernaveedxyz are you using a separate feed per manga?

We do have a unified follows feed.
Yeah I took a look at that but I prefer having my manga organized separately so that it's not so cluttered. If I wanted to visit a previous chapter I don't want to have to scroll through all of the manga updates that I'm following.