Author Chapter 132 (Shen Yin Wang Zuo)
Why this chapter was release 10 days ago already on other site ?
It's even said it chapter 136 . I have seen chapter 133 out as well but not 132.
@WhiteCloudPavilion this is ch 136?
@Wolvenworks @Blackbird
Yes, the number in the raws is 136.
We numbered it as 132 to be consistent with the numbering from when Demonicscans was doing the series.
No chapters were skipped. Don't mind it too much and enjoy the series.
Other leech sites grab it from our free mangareader. I have to upload it manually to MangaDex and I took my time ?
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Does anyone know if Mai dou actually has eaten a the dragons demon crystal before or if it's just an imitation?