Author Chapter 108 (I, The Female Robot)
So few people reading this one, did people fell out of love or something?
Seems like the chapter view counts remained stable along all chapters, so it might be that people either just don't know this series, or don't follow it for one reason or another. There doesn't seem to be a large increase in chapter view count for the chapters that were scanlated after's too.

edit: Correction, seems like there's an increase from chapter 74 onwards, which might be the last one that was available on

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I'm not one to judge because I enjoy it a lot but I think that rather than one reason it might be about a few small ones combined - it's not Japanese and not Korean so not a style most people are used to, the art quality is below average which is probably a turn off for a lot of people (like those people that think that OPM is about art), theme is sci-fi with trans-humanism elements which goes against "normal" and, well, the name isn't great. If you compare it to something like Made in ChAbyss which sounds good and intriguing or one of those obscenely long Japanese manga names, a generic name like I, The Female Robot isn't going to attract attention.

edit: saying that, 1000+ followers isn't actually bad.

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I would add to that the art style, which shocked me at first. The story seems aimed at young people but the art style aims to people that are on their thrities or fourties. Maybe is the norm in China? I have seen other manhua with a similar art style.

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