Author Forgot the title - WN - isekai'd to fix a bug
rialm OP
rialm OP
What I remember:
So this guy was chatting with some girl or something and I think he was a developer.
The girl had helped him with problems/bugs with his game world or something before, and now she wants help with her world.
Then he somehow got summoned.

I really do not remember much.

Edit: More details, Japanese Webnovel (very likely) or Chinese (possible but improbable).
It might not have been the first chapter where this happened.
Dialogue reconstructed from my memory:
[Guy]: Thank you for helping me fix that bug!
[Girl]: No problem. I also have some bugs in my world, would you mind taking a look?
[Guy]: Sure! (Positive response as in "I will do it!")
/Guy gets isekai'd to game world (with administrative powers I believe but not sure)/
It is possible that the guy remembers this after he got isekai'd. I really only remember this scene, aside from that, it should have been a generic game world isekai.

If any of you know, thank you!
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sounds like infinite dungeon
rialm OP
rialm OP
Which series are you referring to? Can you give the Japanese name as I usually remember those.